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10 days out and having second thoughts...normal?
miss024 posted:
Hello, I am so glad I found this group and hope I can get some info from those that have been there not the well for patients thing.
I am 10 days out fro TKR and today was my first real physical therpy treatment. She is great, said my bend is already at 110 and they want u at 120 when all is said and done so that not to worried about. Its the getting it to go straight that I am having trouble with. Couldn't get completely straight before surgery so shoulde I be able to now????
I also was not expecting this much pain afterwards. Am I just a "sissy" when it comes to pain levels or am I trying to much to soon because my doctor is perscribing me Percocet 10-325 1 every four hours and it does not even seem to touch the pain espically after PT today! Its been 7 hours and I still want to cry because i hurt so bad. What is some of the pain medicane ur doctors are using and is it helping? I feel like a "drug seeker" If I call and tell them those are not strong enough or am afraid they will think I am! I was moved from 2 Lortab 10-325's every 4 hours which did nothing to the Percocets which are doing nothing? I'm stuck with it being a holiday weekend. I don't even know what is next up to try on pain medication scale,any suggestions or comments would be a big load off my mind. Thanks
1wareaglefan responded:
Hello...I'm 3 1/2 weeks out from my surgery, and I went to the dr. yesterday for the first time. My ROM was at 90, which I wass proud of, b/c it took me lots of hard work and pain to get there. Well, he told me I was way, way, way behind! That I should be at 120 by now.

I think drs. have this goal and think everybody should get there at the same time, but I believe everybody's different.

So I've got 3 weeks to get to 120, or he's going to do a manipulation procedure.

My pain in the hospital wasn't controlled very well. Even coming home with the percocets wasn't helping too much. But by the 3rd week, the pain at home is much better and is controlled with lortab. I do have to take 2 percocet 5's before therapy.

You're definitely not a drug seeker. Well, actually we are, b/c we need it for pain! We just had major surgery!

You sound like you're doing really good. It will get better.

_swank_ responded:
I'm not sure what you expected but at 10 days out you have a long, long way to go. This is major, traumatic surgery. Your knee is removed and replaced. You don't get over that in 10 days. It's also extremely painful so if you need more pain meds then call your doctor. I was on 15-20mg of Percocet. I have a high tolerance for pain but I was in some serious pain. Don't just sit there an suffer. Call your doctor and take the meds BEFORE going to PT.
Banks760 responded:
I suggest you sit with your leg up with a ice machine on it when ever you are awake I am almost nine weeks out and that helped me

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