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Preparing for bilateral TKR
boneyfriend posted:
I had my left knee replaced in April 2006. It didn't work. Still hurts like the dickens. I am scheduled to have my right knee replaced on August 6, 2012. I have just found out that if you have had an unsucessful TKR that it is possible to have it done over. I have changed doctors for the 2nd surgery. Today I called my surgeon's office to see if I could have both knees done on August 6. I wont find out until next week if that is possible. I do hope I can. What I would like to know is just how bad is it to have both knees done at the same time? Can you walk out of the hospital? I guess you can't because they wont let you but can you hobble around once you get home? I can't remember the details of my previous knee replacement. Also, do you need a bedside potty when you have them both done at the same time? I remember the nuisance of not being able to get my repaired knee wet in the shower before. That is the only bad thing I remember except the pain of doing the exercises.
My new doctor will not comment on why my previous left TKR hurts me so badly. I have always somehow blamed myself though I don't know what I did wrong.
Glad I found this site. Thanking you in advance for any responses and I look forward to staying in touch with this site.
Bal M Rajagopalan, MD responded:

It is not a good idea to have both knees done at the same time especially a revision. You will significanly increase your complication rate especially wih a present complication. You need a higher stool to sit on since you are not able to sit at an initally low position.
boneyfriend replied to Bal M Rajagopalan, MD's response:
Thank you Doctor. I will give up the idea.