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    Should I have both knees replaced at the same time?
    dluecke posted:
    I am having trouble trying to decide if I want to have both knees replaced at the same time, or do the worst knee and then 6 weeks later have the other replaced. I am a teacher and am on my feet constantly throughout the day. I am concerned about the recovery and the time away from work. Any opinions would be welcomed...both at the same time or one then the other? Thanks
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi Dluecke,

    While you're waiting for responses here, click on the following for four pages of shared experiences from some of our members:

    Recovery from Bilateral Knee Replacement
    We never touch people so lightly that we do not leave a trace. ~Peggy Tabor Millin
    alcakcw responded:
    I had mine both done at the same time...the recovery was faster and I was able to walk without a walker or cane within 6 weeks. maybe even sooner. The best thing I didn't have to go back for a second surgery, just one and all was well and haven't had a problem with them at all.
    oren4444 responded:
    I am also a teacher and in the same dilemma - I don't need a total replacement but do need both knees doing -do let me know the answers you get and good luck
    janetsg responded:
    I am also a teacher and have just had both knees replaced. Originally they were supposed to have been replaced at the same time, but the surgeon chickened out. So . . . I had my left knee replaced in mid-January 2012 and my right knee replaced at the end of March (about 10 weeks apart). I was given 6 months' leave (January - June) and that was just about, but not totally, right. I wish I had had them both done at the same time. However, if not, I would wait one year between surgeries -- my left knee wasn't totally healed before I had my right knee replaced and I was so exhausted and stressed from both surgeries that I didn't exercise as much after the 2nd surgery. I taught a 3 1/2 hour class 2x/week this summer (began 3 months after 2nd surgery) and it was tough. But I volunteered to teach the summer class, so it's really my fault! I've heard that it's best to have both done at the same time (only one anesthesia) or at different times (lower risk of complications). Good luck!! I am interested in knowing what you finally decide!
    Artsfriend responded:
    I had both knees replaced the same day two (2) years ago. If I were asked if I would do it again, I would reply "yes".
    Since you are a teacher, if possible, I would try to have it done during vacation break. Your physical therapy is the key to your success.
    My job was also a "on my feet constantly" but I also had to load and unload equipment. Which meant I was also carrying heavy or awkward items. So, my off time was a little longer.
    papbouv responded:
    No I have a TLK also worked on a Orthopedic floor as a nurses aide 14 years. It is better just to have one done then at a later date go back and have the second done. Good Luck with what ever you decide.
    ckavin responded:
    The recovery time for 1 knee is 90 days. The recovery time for 2 knees is 90 days. The hospital time is 3 days for one or two.knees. The cost is better for one physical therapy secession instead of 2. I did 2 and I'm glad I did!
    _swank_ replied to ckavin's response:
    I'd have to disagree there. Recovery times vary widely and can take up to a year. Most likely the outcome for both knees will be different. Complications happen and people heal at different rates. If both knees have complications at the same time it can be devastating. Never take anything for granted. You might do fine but are you prepared if you don't?
    sunflowerspa responded:
    Hi! I am new here------------but, had to jump in with my experience..........having both knees done the same time for me was wonderful---------if you need both knees replaced, you literally dont have a good leg to stand on----------soooo, i did have both knees replaced about 5 years ago--------it went really well---------went to rehab after 4 days in hospital......... by 6 weeks both knees felt good------a tiny bit stiff--but i was walking with no cane, etc---driving and feeling good. To add, 2 years later i had both hips replaced---it also went well..........walking and driving in 6 weeks. Hope this gives you some encouragement-----it just seemed a good idea for me to have both done same time--it is done and over and you are back to your old life--but feeling so much better!!
    Best of luck, Sunflowerspa
    MomMilkshake responded:
    My husband just had both knees done about 6 days ago. Although it has been a bit difficult, I don't think he would change a thing. I have blogged about his journey thus far if you are interested in the nitty gritty details.
    ob148 responded:
    Before visiting a doctor, how do you find out if they will do both at once. I saw one dr and he said he never does both. I guess I'll have to ask before making an appt. I realize it's on a case by case basis but I don't want to waste money and time on an appt if they never do it.
    twocapes responded:
    I think it would depend on your age and condition. I've unfortunately heard of two cases, different doctors/hosptals, of deaths due to unknown cardiac issues. Two knees surgically replaced at the same time seems to put more stress on the body.

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