neuropathy after total knee replacement
babyknee posted:
I been having problems from the first day of the surgery. my right leg was numb burning. After three weeks of serious talk to the dr, finally I was able to find out that I have neuropathy, I consulted a neurologist and took a lot of pills that they are not supposed to be for my condition and were making me ,I seek another specialist and I have received 7 nerve block. Finally I am feeling better after allmost one year and 8 month of suffering. I have my other knee done about 10 months ago and doing fine. Sad part of this was that I have to find the cure on my own. I will not encourage to have this surgery done. This surgery has ruin my active life.
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Babyknee and welcome to WebMD,

I'm sorry to hear of your negative experience. I'm glad your other knee is doing fine.
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