Allergic reaction to knee replacement??
cajunmoon45 posted:
Hello all,
I have recently been diagnosed with oral lichen planus. This is a very uncomfortable mouth irritation. Supposedly from an allergic reaction according to the My knee was replaced in Nov of 2011 and this crud started about 7 months after the surgery. I have been reading that people, although it is not common, do have allergic reactions to the metal in the implant. My question is, has anyone had the metal sensitivity test and did Insurance cover any of it? Has anyone suffered with Oral Lichen Planus?
Thanks Lisa
An_251385 responded:
Yes. I've been diagnosed with Lichen Planus on my skin following a TKR. Its been a heck of a time trying to get doctors to acknowledge that it could be related. Finally getting somewhere. I had a patch test after the break out and then eventually got the Metal Sensitivity Test. Very important information about my extreme sensitivity to the Metals in Knee...AND the bone cement. My insurance did cover it, but I have social security and a secondary. Its definitely worth pushing the issue to your doctors and insurance company. Take plenty of pictures and get all of your documents. Just know that you only have 3 years before the manufacturing company is no longer liable for you condition. Wish you plenty of luck.