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    3 left hip scopes and still in pain
    melucyw posted:
    Hi everyone,
    I am a newbie to forums, so bear with me and I am not sure this is the thread I should be in, so if I'm in the wrong place please point me in the right direction. I will try and make this two year history of left hip problems somewhat short.
    Two years ago I had my first of three left hip scopes. I was working a full time job that required me to squat and bend almost 8 hours a day. About 3 months into the job I started with hip pain, groin pain, burning, felt like my hip was just going to come out of the socket. Docs said it was bursitis, I was too young for arthritis, so they gave me NSAIDS and then cortisone injections in to the bursa area—did not help. Found another doc who did mri and arthrogram and found deformity on the head of my femor and some arthritis. He did the first scope and debrided lots of chewed up labrum area and reshaped the head of my femor. Went to P.T. And 8 months later started another job, but in a commercial kitchen, doing prep, baking, serving, etc. About 3 months into that job I went back to the doc and he said lets go in again and see what's going on in there. During this second left hip scope he found more arthritis and some chewed up labrum again and drilled holes in the head of my femor to promote blood generation. And he also removed my bursa and slit my IT band because he said it was so tight. # weeks into P.T. I was in so much pain, that he took me out of p.t. Did another cortisone injection directcly into the groin area(4th one now). They did not work. He said at this point his patients just get a hip replacement. I went to another doc for a second opinion. Had more x-rays and mri and none of the other docs said they saw any reason to have a hip replacement, but tell me why I was in so much pain. I mean like an8 by 10 am. Can't sit, that's the worst. Can't walk too far, can't lay, can't stand too long. Basically there is no time that I am not in pain—but sitting is the worst. Had more contrast mri, etc. Went to another doc this one 2 hours away—one of the best on the east coast. He just did my third left hip scope and what he found was my joint was filled with blood—took along time to get it cleaned out and found bleeding from the fovea in the area of the ligamentum teres. So he coagulated or coterized the area and found small amount of arthristis, but lots of scar tissue which he debrided. The appearance of a labral tear and was unstable and this was debrided back to stable margins. More scar tissue on the head of my femor, but he did not want to take much off incase it started bleeding again. I left the hospital with very little instrution. Weight bearing as tolorated. I have been doing very light housework, walking and in home p.t. Exercises. I am in much pain again. Everything feels swollen again, like there is a rubberband around by groin again and I can't get comfortable to save my life.
    Has anyone had a similar experience? I am exhausted and I am at my wits end. Any guidance as to resources or where to go from here would be helpful.

    arbob5 responded:
    Wow,you certainly have had quite an experience with that hip. I don't know what your age is, but if nothing else has helped, I would certainly consider a hip replacement. If I understand you correctly, you have hip pain all over that area, but the groin in particular. I have had both hips replaced (I'm 74 now, first one done 8 years ago, second one this past July 16), and my most severe pain was in the groin area. The hip surgery is very easy to tolerate. This latest surgery took bout 40-45 min., 3 days in the hospital, two weeks in home P.T. and I don't have to see my ortho doctor for a year. Great advancements in that type of surgery. First hip surgery 8 years ago took 2 hours and lots of P.T. at home and as an out patient. Great advancements as I said.

    If I were you, I would talk at length with the Dr. who recommended the hip replacement. And again, I don't know your age, but I have a neighbor who had his hip replaced when he was 57, about 9 years ago. And he is still as good as new.

    Keep us informed on any decisions you make and your progress. We do care here on this site. God bless.

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