Knee Implant Infection
An_249704 posted:
I am concerned. I had total knee replacement in 2009, and have always had complications and pain since the surgery. I've just recently been diagnosed as having a staph infection.
It's been almost three weeks, and I'm still waiting for surgery.

I'm experiencing chills, sweats,frequent small scale headaches, rapid heart rate, and dull ache in area of heart, in frequent, but still shortness of breath.
Should I be concerned?
arbob5 responded:
Concerned? Yes. What surgery are you waiting for?

They won't do surgery as long as you have an infection. Again,be concerned, and what surgery?
Bend0830 responded:
I had a staph infection after a knee replacement. My infection required IV antibiotics. I know everyone has different circumstances....Has your doctor recommended this? I would be very concerned.