alternatives to surgery?
An_250433 posted:
My daughter was diagnosed with severe Osgood Slaughters at age 8. After 10 years of casts, braces, etc., knees were operated on: surgically re-arranged, so to speak. She was advised that she would need to remain very fit in order to minimize damage and maintain their health. She has, and at age 32, specializes in kettle-bell instruction, and kinisthesiology. After some orthoscopic surgery 3 years ago, the knees didn't recover from the surgery, and they are getting much worse. Apparently, the surgery performed 14 years ago, is no longer considered a solution.

My concern is; now what? She is very stressed, and unsure that knee replacement is the answer, although she was warned years ago that someday it might be inevitable. Surely, the state of the art has improved! There must be more knowledge know about these issues, and better solutions for resolving them. I am determined to look for possible solutions, as i feel responsible for allowing the original surgery. Anyone have any experience with this problem?
An_251208 responded:
I can only suggest a consult with Prolotherapy specialist...I've had good results and who knows...a doc here in So. Cal talks about he helps so many with surgeries that did not work or those who don't want surgery...

the site to check out is: