Knee Tep
stuartalanmartin posted:
I had a new knee fitted in Germany in Sept 2012 I am still having problems with it I can ride a bike but I cannot walk far without pain and after the walk it swells up and is painful I have had Mobilization in Jan 2013 also it makes the most loudest crunching noise when I walk and also my hip seems to be doing the same
Any ideas out there
in Germany
stuartalanmartin responded:
I did a 4 Km walk today and it was so painful I thought the pain seems to be coming from a bone on the left side of my knee !this was mainly when walking down hills
stuartalanmartin replied to stuartalanmartin's response:
I seem to be writing to myself on here have you the same problem as me I hurt when I walk and when I get home I cannot remember the exact spot ! Today i took a felt pen and Marked the spot ! its to the right of my knee just below the knee cap
Silly isnt it you get to the doctor and cannot say whats wrong .I just hope this is going to get better Its now 6 months ago