total knee replacement
dogwatcher1 posted:
I am 22 days out. Staples out and incision looks great, healing nicely. I wonder if it would be alright now to go to gym and go in the warm heated therapy pool? I've not had any infection so far but don't want to puh it too soon. It just looks like everything is nicely closed.
_swank_ responded:
This is something you should ask your doctor after he has seen you. People on the internet should not make this decision for you. My doctor wouldn't let me in the water until he gave me the okay.
oldordie responded:
I agree with _swank_. My doctor told me that I have to wait until the 4 week point before I can start putting lotions/oils on my scar because the skin needs to heal completely shut before I can try to soften it. He stressed that this included warm baths or long showers. You should just call your doctor's office. I am sure they can tell you if it is safe yet.
jamin2013 replied to oldordie's response:
I would use Vit E oil on the scar areas but I would NOT go into public waters or soak in waters for a longer time and for sure when MD says OK to.