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TKR Smith & Nephew Legion
mommyoel posted:
I had a TKR back in Aug of 2011; my doctor used a Smith & Nephew Legion with oxinium theology. My pain since the surgery has got worse, and I have clicking, and walking up stairs is very hard. I have gone to my doctor many times, and each time he takes an X-Ray and he says it looks good, but no matter what he says the pain tells me something is wrong no matter what the X-Ray say. Has anyone else on had the same problem with the Smith & Nephew Legion total knee replacement, and did you find out what the problem is, or what can I do about it?
chigrl responded:
I am in the same position. The pain is now unbearable. I am talking to a doctor who deals in problems from replacements. He says my surgeon is good and did a good job. Size and Placement is correct, but the issue is my femur is longer than the other knee. They did not remove enough bone on the thigh end. There is not enough space between the two replacements and the plastic beating surface. After 2 years I thought the muscles and ligaments would have stretched but apparently not. I was told I have a scar tissue issue, but that may only be a small part of the issue.
indian25 responded:
Same issues and the same device. walking upstairs pain and walking pain after six months. new physician tells me that the device has shifted and the cement didn't hold. He was able to see this from the post-op x rays that my first doctor took and never said a word. Told that a replacement has to be done to remove the first one; cried. Going for a second opinion on the issue. Looking into legal action.
_swank_ replied to indian25's response:
Before you look into legal action you better go back and read the consent form that you signed.. Most people don't bother to read them through.
chigrl replied to indian25's response:
I had a "revision" they replaced my smith and nephew knee with a Striker knee. I had a 8-12degree rotation of the femur portion of the replacement. Seems like a problem with the template the original doctor used. 3 months post op and finally getting some relief from pain. 110 degree bend, cant seem to straighten the leg tho
undefined responded:
My husband had TKR on both knees with Smith and Nephew in 2011. We just found out, after seeing 5 surgeons and having numerous tests done, that they were put in wrong! You need to have a '360 CT ' scan done...this was the ONLY test that showed the rotation in BOTH of his tibias! Each Dr. we saw said the placement looked fine; no one could figure out why they were so painful and swollen. Had x-rays, allergy tests, CTs, fluid drawn off and tested, re-scoped and tissue biopsied, bone scan and finally the 360 CT scan that showed the rotation! This machine took 1600 images, so they were able to see it. (they were actually checking to see if they had loosened) He now has to have them redone, but as painful as that is going to be, he is looking forward to it!
Good luck to you!!
razbeari responded:
I have the same issues and mine is so bad that now I am pigeon-toed, curvature of the spine and bow legged on my right leg. I had a bone scan that showed it may have moved but my surgeon did nothing and still had done nothing. I had to have a hip replacement which the knee probably caused. I don't know what to do either. Smith and Nephew does have a site to tell them about your replacement. I did that. We'll see what happens. I am going to insist on another bone scan. I believe the knee has move. I hope you have good luck getting yours fixed.

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