Knee replacement aftermath
Hansm14 posted:
I had a total knee replacement a little over 3 years now.I had bone on bone ,no cartlige left. I find if still difficult to go uphill,like hiking ,and to get down and off the floor without grabbing hold of something. I get stiff also if I sit to long,like riding in a car. Are other people my age,63,having the same problems? Oh I wish I could do the things I used to do. I am happy the way it turned out. Not complaining. Just an observation.
_swank_ responded:
I think most average 63 year olds have trouble doing those thing with or without a knee replacement. Everyone gets stiff and less able to do things. I don't know many people that age that can get down on the floor without hanging on to something. So what? It's all part of the aging process.
Hansm14 replied to _swank_'s response:
Well I know many people who can go uphill pain free.I also have the knee swell up sometimes still too.Many people I know,say their problem is going downhill,like stairs. Mine is just the opposite. I still am happy I did it,because otherwise I would'nt have been able to walk. Only 1 knee done. I know I'm getting old too! Ha!