Bilateral Knee Replacement
An_251435 posted:
8 weeks ago I had bilateral knee replacement. Knees and ankles swell after I do anything more than 30 minutes. Is this normal, and also, when should I expect to return to a job that requires you to stand 12 hours? I am still on pain medication. It is still aching especially behind the knee, sides of knee, and ankles after I try to stand for a period of time.
Jake3 responded:
I also had bil. Knees done in December started back to work this month and also have swelling in feet and ankles. My job is sedentary when I come home I have to put ice on and elevate them, that helps me. Also on both sides of my knees it is numb and everyone I speak to says its normal and will get less as time goes on.
Nashi123 responded:
I used to have swelling and pain in my knees for athritis and I went through a treatment of stem cell therapy from Dr, Purita. It was a treatment where concentrated bone marrow of my own was re-injected to my knee. It was actually a treament process and it really worked. Now my swells are gone and the pain is gone aswell. Hope this helped.