Smith and Nephew Visionaire System Problem
chigrl posted:
I just found out after that the Visionaire System to implant knees has flaws. My fibula side implant is 15 - 20 degrees shift from center. The directions given to the Doctors was incorrect.

The specialist said it is made for some degree of shifting and that 5 -8 degrees would be ok with little pain but mine is double and very painful.
I will need a replacement of the upper part.

Hope this helps someone else seeking answers to severe knee pain after TKR. He said that this is popping up all over the US and expects a recall of some sort soon.
Otis2 responded:
Any updates on this device and a recall effort?
sjh25 responded:
I am so glad you have posted this.
I suspect the same thing has happened to me, but nobody wants to take responsibility.

I'm suffering excruciating incessant pain a year after my Visionaire knee op. Nobody will give me any answers. I am being passed from 'expert' to 'expert'.

My Bupa insurance premiums have gone through the roof and I can't get insurance from anyone else whilst I have this problem.