TKR and bursitis?
betablocker1 posted:
I had TKR 1 1/4 years ago and was doing fine- until recently when I needed to have a skin biopsy done- I went golfing on a very hilly course the next week- the day after my golf game, I started to have a lot of pain in my knee- no swelling, no discoloration or fever. At first I was nervous that it was an infection from the biopsy- so I went back to my Ortho Doc- he said I had bursitis- and gave me a coritsone shot- it hasn't helped at all- now 4 weeks later I am out of my doc's state and in quite a lot of pain- It is helped by Advil, but if I take a lot it's hard on my stomach. I called my doc's nurse and she said there was nothing they could prescribe long distance - like for a posible infection- and I should use ice and a cane and take Advil. Does the doc agree or should I see a local orthpedic doc and follow up on this?