Big Toe Joint Fusion
Phildizzle posted:
After going through all surgical options my doctor has recommended big toe joint fusion due to arthritis. Had a cheilectomy 18 years ago.

Questions for anyone who has had this:
  • Suggestions for speedy recovery
  • Because it is my right toe I have been told no driving for 6 weeks--anyone else have this recommendation?
  • How much pain is there after recovery
  • Any other tips
Keenebd responded:
About 20 years ago (after some marathon running), I developed a permanently painful big toe. A stainless steel toe joint replacement was inserted to replace the normal joint. I have had no problems since. No pain whatever. There is motion loss in the joint, but I gather not the same amount as there would be with a fusion. However, I cannot tell you that the remaining motion is useful in any particular way. But you might want to ask if joint replacement is an option for you. I know that when vertabrae in the spine are fused, it puts pressure on the adjacent vertabrae. Maybe that doesn't happen with feet. I realize I am not giving you definitive information, but just wanted to tell you my experience: No pain or other problems. Some slight joint flexibility, which may or may not be useful. Best of luck.