What kind of knee problem could I have?
jszaradowski posted:
I work for a local McDonald's. April 2012 had severe knee pain when leg was straightened. Wore brace/iced knee nightly for a week, pain went away. When I Workout, I run a mile on treadmill at 5.0 pace. last night at work felt moderate pain in right knee while doing my job at work. it felt like I could not bear any weight on that knee a little. When I went to workout last night t wore knee brace & iced it all night. Right now there is hardly any pain.

Should I go get this checked out? Who should I see PCP? Currently no insurance and no PCP, use quick care at my doctor's office so I see different doctors each time I go there.
_swank_ responded:
Don't waste time and money on a PCP or quick care. Go to an orthopedic doctor and do it right the first time.