unexplained pain 4 years after hip replacement
debrezeit posted:
I had a partial hip replacement 4 years ago due to a fracture. A few weeks prior I was out of the country and had fallen. I had pins put in, then returned to the States, had the pins removed and the replacement done. Since that time I have had minor hip pain, had x-rays that showed nothing, so got by with ibuprofen and a cane. Last week I woke up and was unable to move my leg off the bed, once I was able to get up using a cane it was unbearable pain. I went to ER, was admitted under observation and had 5 different test done. Nothing was found, but the pain is like it was right after hip surgery. I am now home, have home therapy, still in a lot of pain and doctors don't know why. I believe it is related to the hip surgery but my doctor keeps saying nothing shows up on the x-ray. I don't know what to do next, just know that the problem is still unresolved.