7 weeks out TKR
Roxannemc posted:
Its been 7 weeks and things are looking up.
Was not myself until about 5 1/2 weeks out but things are better finally
Doc said you feel crummy for about 6 weeks.
Still toss and turn at night and sometimes pain here and there but less
Dont usually need aspirin or tylenol now It goes away with heat or ice or sometimes just is there then gone. Odd. .
I had terrible skin sensitivity since about day 4..couldnt stand the gauze even on my leg or a cover at all which i dont think happens to everyone but does happen i hear but its also getting better
Still sometimes its better than others
This sensitivity drove me more crazy than pain Couldnt sleep well at all for weeks on end trying to keep things from touching it at night. Now wake up once each night grab a melted ice pack just the coolness works .
.Can go part of the night with the knee covered now too then have to
uncover it as it hurts to have anything on it. except heat or ice. Odd This has .been an experience for sure.
Hope its slowly winding down now.
mwint responded:
I too experienced that skin sensativity for about the first month or so but it eventually stopped. I'm 13 weeks in and I'm having a problem with pain on the inside of my knee. Any answers on what could be causing this.