Two year old TKR
moodyclown posted:
Leg swollen from above knee to ankle. Lots of stiffness. Lots of pain. The arthritic pain is gone but in its place is a very tender to the touch or a bump pain that can bring tears to the eyes. I have done PT sessions 3 times in 2 years. One shot of cortisone that did nothing. My OS just stares uninterested and makes no remarks of what might be wrong. X-rays look good according to him.

Naturally, I am frustrated. Are there others who are experiencing this?
jamin2013 responded:
All I can say, it's a lot of nerve/muscle etc damage from the trauma surgery....LOTS of inflammation.

I'm a mess 3yrs from hip replacement surgery.....knee and ankle have been majorally affected, back is bad from age 18 and I'm more surgery for this gal.
jamin2013 replied to jamin2013's response:
PS: Many foods we consume are very inflammatory and I would look at that first and go from there....cut out sugars for starters and carbs mostly.