TKR March 2013 at age of 39
aim02062 posted:
I had a TKR March 2013 at 39. Prior to this I have had 10 surgeries on my same knee. Have had ton of issues with my knee since high school. After my TKR I had a hard time getting pain under control since I wouldn't really take the pain meds. They found a good pain med for me to take 2 weeks out...I was doing PT with not much pain med. Anywho, it's almost been a year and I am still at 95 degree bend. I had follow up with my doc last week. My implant is in there just fine. For the last couple of months I have had a sore spot on my knee that I mentioned to my doc. They said it was soft tissue. Kind of randomly just happened. If I didn't have that sore spot I could walk around better. Before I had the TKR I was active, sore but active. I decided to have it done because it would crack and grind and give out a lot. Happened quite a bit. This basically was my only option, to have a TKR. My doc is still optimistic that I can get more bend on my own. He did say scar tissue could be forming around the implant and I can have it scoped to remove it. Just nervous that scar tissue would grow back again. I'm not going that route...going to re-evaluate my knee come summer. My sister is a PT so she stays on me about my exercises. I am having a tough time recovering since I have had so many knee surgeries. Knee still feels numb and little swollen. After I sit for a period of time I need to massage my knee to get it going, mainly due to this sore spot they call soft tissue. Just wondering if anyone is in a similar situation as me. Almost 1 year out and with a 95 degree bend. I had more of a bend before my surgery. Still can't go down stairs. I can swim and ride a stationary bike and do my leg exercises. So, just wanted to reach out to see if anyone has any suggestions, giving my situation. I need to remain positive that I will walk better and get around better. I have two 6 year olds and want to be able to ride a bike around the block with them. As of now, I can only do stationary since I have 95 degree bend. Staying positive though...