Muscle weakness
An_255312 posted:
I had a total hip replacement just over two years ago. An Exeter hip. After 22 physio sessions, lots and lots of walking I still cannot walk more than 100 yards before my muscles at the back of the thigh and down into the calf start aching. At the same time I lose strength in the leg, if I continue walking the ache gets much worse. Can anyone tell me, what could be the cause, and how can I put it right. Even though I paid the thick end of 10 grand to have this op done privately , the surgeon comes up with nothing at all. I was in severe pain before the op and I am grateful for that to have been solved. However, the muscle problem is keeping me off the golf course, except with a buggy, and the long walks I used to enjoy are a thing of the past
jamin2013 responded:
All I can say is that I had anterior hip replacement in late 2010 and needless to say, my outcome was not what I hoped for....I often want my old pain back.....$25K for hospital, $2200K for surgeon and about $2K or so for attending docs all from medicare.... everything just changes structurally when they do this major work.....
coolmamaw06 responded:
I've had a hip replacement also, but no problems with calf. If your pain eases up and stops once you stop walking, you may be looking at a different problem. I had the same type of aching pain in both my calves long before my hip replacement. I could not walk far at all before the aching pain started. I had blockage to my legs at the top, I guess you could say the Y part. You could experience the same pain if your artery is blocked in just one leg. It may sound far fetched, but I would never have known if my mother hadn't had the same symptoms and same surgery. An ultra sound did not show the problem. I insisted on dye being shot into the arteries and there it was big as life, even though one prior doctor said no way I have blockage. I had my primary doctor schedule the procedure with another specialist. Wish you luck.