Total Knee Replacement Failure?
designlady54 posted:
I had my TKR on 11/16/11 and I worked my behind off in PT and did great, I was afraid to do the surgery because of my weight but had no choice so I did 150% of everything they ask me to do. My problem is within the last year I have been having pain in my knee and hips and today I heard and felt a creaking noise coming from the knee and a dull pain across the front of the knee and found it difficult to walk on it. Does anyone know what could be causing this pain?
jamin2013 responded:
There are no guarantees unfortunately with these replacements, we all go in with HOPE and come out with what's left. Have you taken off weight...that could help a lot. I have a mess from a hip replacement 3 yrs ago.
friendlyguy55 responded:
Hi I have had 2 total knee replacements to my right knee the first one failed because my body rejected the first one. This is very rare and I just happen to be lucky .....
It sounds like your knee is bone on bone now, and if that is the case you have no choice unless you want to live with pain and not be able to put weight on your knee. I would go back to your doctor and tell him what going on with your knee now.
Good luck with your knee !!