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Would U have TKR
abby7777 posted:
I have bone on bone and been told for 15 years that I need tkr on both knees. Have difficulty walking use 1 hand for crutch and push 1 mid-back office chair with other hand down hall at home. When shopping have a transport chair/crutches @ certain stores. Because I'm not skinny and have weak lower back, which could be from weight not sure. I've lived with crutches so long don't know how to live without them. If U were without pain and having OTHER difficulties would U have the bilateral surgery?
peadnut2u responded:
Hi abby7777
I guess it would depend on all the other problems I was having...

I have bad fibromyalgia - no picnic, suffer from depression, had osteoporosis in my spine L5 S1, herniated discs and finally got to the point I couldn';t get out of bed and went by ambulance to hospital for surgery. Doctor opened it up, now have a few cages and various hardware in my back and no problems with it. I am considered obese (no thanks to my various health issues), NASH, Also had cataracts in both eyes and had both operated on Dec & Jan. Had very bad arthritis in both knees and have been waiting for surgery on those for over 10 years easy. Finally, a surgeon said ok!! Went in on Feb 17th, came home on 2/24, In a week, I was on to my cane, then in 2 weeks got rid of my cane. Then went to pain management (note my pain had been handled very well until I went to that appointment). Now back on walker, getting ready to go to out patient therapy. I am so depressed I feel like I'm going crazy sometimes. In so much pain, in tears most of the time...

With all that I have shared here, would I do bilateral TKR's again, ABSOLUTELY!! What's happening now is not my surgeon's fault by any means. He did a superb job on my knees & my back!!
_swank_ responded:
I would do just about anything to avoid using crutches or chairs forever. I would NOT have both knees done at once however. There is lots of discussion in here about that, including from the doctor that used to monitor this board.

Before you do anything jump in a pool and start strengthening your whole body. You will need it to get through the surgery.
peadnut2u replied to _swank_'s response:
I agree that the better condition you can get in prior to any surgery is definitely a huge benefit. However, some people may have problems doing a lot of exercises whether its in a pool or not.

I am not a doctor by any means. I am only speaking to my own experience(s).

I do feel that everyone has to make their own decision when it comes down to what their preferences are for surgery after talking to their families and physician(s)/surgeon(s).

Good luck to all that are faced with these decisions and I pray for speedy recoveries for them.
abby7777 responded:
I am so scared. Have till may to cancel out. I have read on
forums post tkr surgeries some are still in pain years after but they didn't have my doctor. Not fearful of my doctor but of me & implant and having pain long after healing process of surgery. The only thing I do for my knees is I have to put arthristis rub on every night to keep them from freezing up. Will the knee shots help get someone off of crutches. Had NP tell me that. Maybe I need to try the shots first before surgery. Also why is it best to have only 1 knee instead 2 knees done in same surgery? I'm 65, Thanks for all replys
peadnut2u replied to abby7777's response:
Hi Abby7777,

Sure you could try the shots - they may work for you. The doctor may try cortisone shots 1st and if they don't work he may want to try syn visc shots. If they don't work, he may recommend knee replacement. Has he alreadty told you he thought you needed a total knee transplant? Take care,

peadnut2u replied to peadnut2u's response:
Sorry I meant knee replacement.... geez!

mfishlaw replied to peadnut2u's response:
Part of the problem with the web is the total amount of information available. Sometimes, less is best.
People have said that doing bi-lat is difficult, not sure, if your doc recommended it for you? Mine did and it was the best decision. Most folks don't go back for the 2nd for various reasons. Take the leap and when it's over, you will ask yourself why did I wait so long? The are always going to be pros and cons. I guess if it's a good out come great, if not so, then remorse. Trust your doctors advice. The life style you descibe seems very difficult, this could open a whole new chapter in your life. Best of luck, in whichever decision you make.
abby7777 replied to mfishlaw's response:
My other surgeon doctor says there's only 1 reason to have surgery, and that's if your in pain because after U might be in pain long after surgery. I'm not in any pain, so I'm doing physical
T now and I will cancel my surgery date for now so I can strengthen my leg/back muscles. Then I'll see how that goes.If it doesn't help, it's probably off to surgery.
abby7777 responded:
Thanks for all the replies

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