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staph infection after knee replacem
sweetson posted:
My Grandpa is 93 yrs. old. 3 weeks ago they did a total knee replacement. Within 6 days he had an infection setting in. He went back into surgery to clean it out. About another 6 days went by and it was oozing, and painful, he was admitted again. Yesterday they put him back in surgery and took out the prosthesis, inserted the spacer with antibiotics. I guess he'll receive antibiotics via IV for the next 6 weeks, and they will reevaluate. My concern is for his age, and ability to fight the staphylococcus aureus infection. I mean at 93, 3 surgeries already, I don't know how much more he can take, and its not over yet. Of coarse they say they don't know how he got the staph?
Dave2newknees responded:
Wow poor guy. He msut be in pretty good physcial condition. Most surgeons wouldn't preform a TKR on a man his age. The antiibiotics work fast. Hopefully he will fight off the infection. I had one also but I am 49. It set me back about 2-3 weeks.
metooll responded:
My Total Knee Replacement and Infection in 2008, am a adult male 62 yrs old and here is what I went through! * 13.Feb 08 Total Left Knee replacement * 4.May 08 Emergency Operation Left Knee for Streptococcus group g infection (operate on twice for removal of infection) *15.May 08 Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter (PICC) Installed daily SOD Chloride/Ceftriaxone infection drug for 7 weeks *16.May 08 Admitted to Hospital with Breathing Problems related to above infection returned home all ok I had a knee replacement in Feb 08 and was doing fine. But then in May 08 had a major set back knee got infected, I was got very sick and was rushed to Hospital. I was operated on twice and started on drugs to fight the infection while in the hospital. After nine days in the hospital I was released and placed on drugs and received a device called a PICC which was placed in my arm for IV drugs intake. My wife daily gave me drugs for six weeks and I got well. Without my family, I don?t think I would have made it through a bad time. Was told later told that my infection if it was not treated I would have dead!
shasha63 responded:
I am so sorry about your Grandpa!!! Infection in a TKR is a very serious complication. Most likely he picked it up in the HOSPITAL. Staph is one of those bugs that is probably in every health care facility around. It can be dormant for months even years. This is the same bug that caused an infection in my L Knee Replacement, 7 years after the initial surgery. I was hospitalized with another problem when swelling and pain in the knee became unbearable. I immediately had a PICC line placed in my arm, had an immediate surgery to clean out the infection, then spent the next three months on IV Vancomycin at home. Then I had a second surgery to remove the joint and a spacer joint put in it's place. Three more months of Antibiotics at home, and finally a third surgery to remove the spacer and place a new joint in it's place. A few weeks later I was again admitted to the hospital for phlebitis in the leg, another round of antibiotics, and therapy to try to regain some flexability in the knee. 3 years later I still have constant pain in the knee, can not bend it anymore than 45 degrees and I wear antiembolus stockings . I am considered totally disabled with a diagnosis of Chronic Pain and Degenerative Joint Disease at 63 years of age ! I will also tell you that I am a RN and had very good Surgeons.. Yes, your Grandpa has been through a lot and will probably have to have the knee replaced again. If he is in generally good health he should do fine. It sounds like he is pretty tough! If you can get him out of the hospital as soon as possible after the surgery and into a good rehabilitation facility for at least the first 10 days. Also, if you can get him in a private room, and ask everyone who comes near him to wash their hands before they touch him for anything!!! I will also tell you this, if they had not started the antibiotics, and done the initial surgeries he would have certainly died. Thousands of joint replacement surgeries are done every year, and most surgeries go very well and provide relief of pain and years of mobility for those who have them done. I would have another replacement again if it would keep me mobile. Infection has been the bain of surgery through the ages, but it now remains a complication that happens infrequently compaired to the number of successful surgeries. I know that is little consolation to you and your Grandpa, but the alternative is not an option!!!!GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

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