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total reverse shoulder replacement
bectech posted:
I recently had a fall tearing my rotator cuff after surgery and therapy it was determine to proceed with a total reverse, because the rotator cuff was tore again. I have been working for three months now and my shoulder is very sore and limited movement reaching up and no movement behind me. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me why or what to do I am still in therapy with little results and I guess I would be much further by now and now they say this may be all I get back, what do I do with limited movement. My surgeon keeps telling me that everything is fine and I should be ready to go back to work. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. :
GrdnGolfnGal responded:
I had rotator cuff/labrum tear/debridement/bursectomy surgery on Nov25th. Also, a pin was attached to anchor the rotator muscle. and tendon. I just started PT for 6 weeks and the pain is horrible. I'm still on narcotics and I cannot sleep at night. My ROM is good for only 6 weeks post op but the pain is deep, aching and radiates down my bicepts and upper arm. The doctor told me that pain after shoulder surgery can last for up to 3 months. I was also told that even w/ therapy it can take up to 6 months to heal and be back to "normal". I also had a THR in 2006 but the limited motion after the shoulder surgery is much worse than the hip replacement. I cannot put my arm behind me, either. My surgeon also said due to my grade IV arthritis, I may need a shoulder replacement in the future. I would definately get a second opinion and give therapy a longer time...perhaps another MRI is in order to make sure nothing else is going on, if the Xrays appear normal along w/ blood work. Best wishes...I totally sympathize. I am an active gardener and golfer and don't want to lose these activities. Hope others that have had shoulder repair will add their results to this post.
_swank_ responded:
I'm not familiar with a total reverse but you don't say when or if you had the surgery and how long you waited before going back to work. Rotator cuff repairs take a long time to heal. No idea about a total reverse. I tore my rotator cuff twice and just had it sewn back both times. Offhand though, I'd say your shoulder is never going to be the same and probably never pain free. I know mine isn't, but it's usuable.
PJK10 responded:
I am confused. Did you have the reverse shoulder surgery? I just had that done about three weeks ago. Too early to tell how much function I will have in it, I am still in the healing stage. Like you, I had massive tears in my rotator cuff. I am in my 50's and my tears were not from one incident, it was a gradual thing. I had a prior surgery that failed. The reverse shoulder was my only hope of getting any function back. Normally they do not do this on anyone under 70, but since it is a relatively new surgery (about 5 yrs) in the US, I think more and more will be done on people under 70. Like I said, it was my only hope of getting back some quality of life. I am on disability now, but can't wait to get back to work. Again, I am not sure, did you have the surgery and PT and now surgeon says you are fine or did you just have PT and the surgeon changed his/her mind? My feeling is that if you don't feel well, get another opinion.
noreeen responded:
me too, i'm waiting for explanation of procedure!!!
Michael P Bolognesi, MD responded:
Let me first say that I am not an expert in shoulder arthroplasty. Have you already undergone the procedure and now have a reverse total shoulder? At three months I would certainly not expect you to have completely recovered. We usually expect our patient that have hip and knee replacements to make improvements out to at least one year. I think my shoulder colleagues likely feel the same way.

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