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    Knee Implant Rejection?
    Gimpy89139 posted:
    Does anyone know if it is possible for the body to reject a knee replacement implant? I had my knee replaced 19 months ago and have had nothing but pain since. There is no infection and nothing wrong with the prosthesis. I have great bend (130) and extension (0). My OS says it is severe tendonitis and busitis. Doing PT for a 3rd time and there has been little improvement. Just looking for some answers. I am in more pain now than I was before having the replacement. HELP!
    friendlyguy55 replied to notworkingtwonewknees's response:
    hello all you need to do is ask for a patch test done my an allergy doctor.It sounds like you could be allergic to your
    hardware in your knee.Your hardware has several different
    types of metals.Iam allergic to a metal call maganesse,which i
    get severe rashes and incheness all ove my body.Iam having surgery next tuesday july 31,2012 to put a new hadware in my right knee.They have to wave my rashes and scraches all over
    ove my body.I'am kind of scare because i will be more prone to
    get a staff infection while i'm in the hospital.Which me luck and your payers god bless and take care Lynn
    friendlyguy55 responded:
    Yes it culd be possible,you should request a patch test from an allergy doctor and see what happens.Take care and let me know what happens Lynn
    Antaresana replied to KevinHilton's response:
    I am in the UK. I was booked in to have TKR on my right knee in 2003.I backed out at the last minute as my intuition was screaming at me not to have it.I had skin tests for allergies and found that I am allergic to nickel ,potassium chromate and balsum of peru (parfum) .I was booked in again in 2009 with a different surgeon,I prayed to spirit that this was the right decision and if not to get me out of it. I arrived at 7.00am at the hospital ward and was seen by an anaesthetist,my surgeon nowhere in sight.A registrar came running down the corridor and came to my bed.He told me that they had looked in my file and realised that the special nickel free part had'nt been ordered.I came home and made a formal complaint.My surgeon was still on holiday and the waiting list office had made a mistake and put me in earlier without checking my file!!! I have kept away from hospitals and doctors since and am healing my body with colour therapy,orange for knees.As long as you keep it up for the time needed it works really well!
    lucygirl replied to Skifford's response:
    My husband had a knee replacement 2years ago and they found that he has nickel allergy. He found out from a special allergist who checks on metals. Just heard today waiting for surgery to call us from allergist report. It took 2 year for anyone to check it out. Will get back when everything go so I have more information for you.
    friendlyguy55 replied to lucygirl's response:
    Hi lucygirl
    I had my right knee relaceg a little over 2 years ago Sept.27
    2010 and it took the doctors almost 2 years to find out that my
    body was rejecting my hardware.I had severe rashes and inching all over my body,and I was allergic to the metal call
    Maganisee.I also had nerve damaged from the first surgery,
    that put me in that rear 1% braket.I just had my second surgey for replacement of my right knee,three weeks ago on Oct.17
    2012 I was told by my doctor the day after my surgery that I now have muscle damaged,he thinks from my first surgery.
    The second surgery is worse then my first surgery because
    they had to go deeper into my bones with the spikes to get a
    tighter hold for my hareware.So it's takaing a longer time to
    heal.This is my last surgery and I just have to live with
    what i got.I hope your husband second surgery comes out good for him and I will pray for him...........GOD BLESS
    sidelined responded:
    Gimpy, I have suffered with excruciating pain episodes for the last 2 1/2 yrs. after a full knee replacement. I have undergone a plethera of tests to ascertain my body's state of health including gene testing to determine the health of my immune system. I have been found to be "positive" for one of the indicators of Lyme Disease (which can mimmick over 200 diseases) and, in more recent testing, (MELISA test) I was found to be sensitive to Cadmium and hypersensitive to Nickel. My doctor is currently working to understand what that means... My local allergy clinic just told me today that hypersensitive is the same as allergic. So you can do allergy testing and you can also do a MELISA test (not FDA approved). There are two different tests that check for several different metals each and your doctor should be able to help you with that choice. Don't forget that there is probably some type of plastic in your body as well and it might be worth finding out if you react to that as well. I feel your pain, NO pun, and wish you the very best.

    God bless you and speed your recovery!!!
    Morris56 responded:
    I had a knee replacement in Oct 2012. Since it was done I have been terribly ill. From shingles, to not being able to eat any thing to feeling sick all the time and the loss of almost 50 pounds in weight. Now I had a blood clot in my lung last week and now having problems with my heart and my breathing.
    Got tested for allergies last week, Guess what, I am allergic to Nickel, Tin and Copper. Knee replacement I have has nickel, suspicious?
    I have never been this sick in my life, I have now been off work for 12 weeks I have no strength and my mobility is compromised. breathing is bad. I need this thing out of me but now have to convince the surgeon because the wound healed nicely, its just painful to touch it sometimes!
    See the story on you tube of another lady in Alabama.
    Good luck to anyone in my position, fight to get it taken out, I know I have to!
    gmabe replied to sidelined's response:
    I had a TKR in 2002 & had months and months of PT plus manual manipulation under general anesthesia plus a series of orthopedic injections, all to no avail. Each time I complained to the surgeon, he would always look or take x-rays and declare that everything "was in line & looked great". Since the knee no longer popped out and I could walk better on it, I gave up and just talked it up to my having to live with it. In 2010 I had the other knee replaced by a different surgeon using a more recent gender specific replacement for women. Early on it was fine, but serveral months later, it started giving me pain similar to the earlier replacement.Just found out I am highly allergic to nickel,which each of my replacements contain. If this is anyones proble, DO NOT have the knee replaced UNTIL you have both allergy testing for metals & more importantly, a Leukocyte Transformation test done. This test is the most accepted one to determine metal allergies.In my opinion, 10 1/2 yrs after suffering with knee pain, NO ORTHOPEDIC SURGEON should EVER do a knee or hip replacement without first having these tests done !! THESE TESTS SHOULD BE MANDATORY BEFORE ANY REPLACEMENT IS EVER DONE!!!My immuologist told me that only a handful of orthopods insist on this before surgery. My most recent implant hpain has become so intense that at times the pain (no pun intended) has literally brought me to my knees in pain. Even if you have no history of allergies (that you know of) DO NOT HAVE KNEE OR HIP REPLACEMENTS PERFORMED UNTIL YOU ARE 1,000 % SURE YOU ARE NOT ALLERGIC TO ANY OF THE MATERIALS IN THESE PROSTHESIS.
    If there is anyone out there that has lived through what I just described, please let me know, & most important,did you have them removed and replaced with a prosthesis that is non-metal && it works !
    gmabe replied to Morris56's response:
    An replaced with what ??? Please advise.
    tinkaann replied to Morris56's response:
    Yes, and seek legal counsel.
    standfree replied to gmabe's response:
    I'm so thankful I found this forum. I just had a partial (uni)right knee replacement. I'm in early 50's and have had pain and little mobility for my age for many years. I'm in California, hospital wanted to send me home after one day and I refused even on day 2 because pain was unbearable. Nurses screwed up as they never monitored me properly to ensure extra pain control was working, even though I said it wasn't. Femeral block was pulled out and cold therapy machine wasn't working either. Dr. redid fem.block catheter 2nd day at 5:30pm but nurses refused to replace bag saying it was expensive, Dr. and I thought it looked empty. Dr. wanted double dose drip for 12 hours, it stopped working after 9pm, so I got less than 4 hours from it. Talked about pissed! I came home late on day 3 and started weaning off meds that were not working, had an anaphalactic reaction day 5 to a new oral med, so got onto Vicadin. By day 7 was in to see surgeon because alot of drainage from incision, and wasn't supposed to have any. Put me on antibiotic. See him again on day 12 and not sure what will happen. I am sick by what I am reading about metal allergies. I have ALOT of allergies to food and meds. Why did I not get asked about metal? Even if not allergic, I have alot of sensitivities to meds and many don't work on me for some reason, and of course the hospital tries to force their drug cocktails on you as a one sip cure all for everything every 4 hours. I refused many because I had migraines for 3 days due to the med soup they dolled out.

    At day 9 now, I have good mobility, my pain is around a 5 unless I am doing something to agravate it like exercising or sitting up sometimes. Getting shooting pain down right leg, pin and needles in bandage site, and pain upon touch to incisional area. I have been getting drainage to change bandages 1 or 2 times a day, fever of 102 or less on and off every day, severe chills, then extremely hot.

    I'm scared now. Could I have a rejection to the alloys in the metal joint as others indicate they may have?? My surgeon only uses the metal. I asked about the titanium first appointment due to low frequency of reaction--but could I remember that when I mentioned it--no. Either way, it will either get better or it won't. I feel like crap 1/2 the day, nights are terrible. Dr. thinks infection idea is low, but said swelling and drainage is not good at all. Appreciate all info sharing out there. Who would have thought, maybe I should have just continued with the euflexa shots rather than go through this.
    arbob5 replied to standfree's response:
    You need to insist, yes insist, that something more be done for you. This is over and above what should be happening during your recovery. And if nothing more is done or they have no other ideas of what you need, after what the nurses put you through, I might seek legal advice. No excuse for their actions at all.

    I am sincerely sorry for what you are going through. Seems to me that something is really lacking here in your care. Please followup in all possible ways and insist on some answers for your problems. Let us know how you're doing. We do care here.
    Polydog replied to sidelined's response:
    Hello, I read your post concerning your sensitivity to Cadmium.

    My mother has a Stryker Triathlon Total Knee and unexplained inflammation. An LTT metal analysis shows a high reactivity (7.9) to Cadmium.

    I am wondering if you have discovered the source of your Cadmium exposure? I have not yet discovered any evidence that it may be coming from her implant, therefore we are looking at all sources of possible toxicity.

    Thank you.
    Dadsjunebug responded:
    YES I've had my knee replaced twice in the last 2 years and i'm,. waiting to have it done again due to rejection. I've also had my hip replaced twice also since 2010. i'm allergic to nickle,and titanium the Dr is researching to find out what he can do. It hurts is swollen and i can't do things i want to do.
    miserableinpain responded:
    I broke my shin bone in half and my knee last year my first surgery the put a metal plate and screws in my shin bone but never told me that my knee was broke this happened . in April of 2012 in September of 2012 they had to take the plate and screws out because it shifted and came out of the bone. I was in so much pain but the doctors wouldn't do anything about it. I had to find another doctor. I walked around for a year with my knee broke while telling the doctors that something was wrong. June 4th of this year I found another doctor that operated on my knee putting 2 metal plates and 20 screws in my knee. he also had to reconstruct my knee putting in artificial cartilage and meniscus. June of next year I have to go thru another surgery to remove all of the metal then in 5 years I have to have a complete knee replacement. you might want to talk too your doctor and see if your body isn't trying to reject the implant. I know the pain you are going thru.

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