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Leg pain 5 years later on THR
coolmm posted:
I had bilateral THR's done about 5 years ago. My left leg is very painful above the knee (thigh area) when I walk. It feels like a tight rope at times. I found that if I walk with my knee slightly bent it does not bother me as much but it still hurts or feels very strange. I went to the ER last year about the issue and they did a blood test and an Xray which did not show any issues. Even standing for more than 3 minutes causes my leg to get all tight and strange feeling. But keeping my knee bent reduces the issue greatly. I was using a thigh band which helped for a few months but it is no longer is effective. I get an occasional sharp pain in the hip area also, this started a few weeks ago.

The background on me is I will be 50 soon. It was a birth defect. I had hip surgery when I was 3yrs old. I also had 4 knee surgeries (left and right) done to correct bowing during my growing years.

I had a letter once written that described my condition as multiple epiphyseal dysplasia.

I have been holding off until the holidays are over, I assume what ever it is will probably require surgery to fix it. I also have to find a new Othorpedist, he changed his practice and no longer accepts HMO's.

Does this sound like a loose hip? I don't know what brand was used, all I know is it was metal on metal.
Bal M Rajagopalan, MD responded:
Hi Coolmm,

Great question. This does not sound like loosening. This sounds like a tightness issue, due to congenial reasons and secondary surgeries that lengthen your offset. The only way to get concrete answers is to get some XRAYs done and an evaluation by an orthopedic surgeon. The pending of your knee relaxes your hamstrings, which bypass your hip and knee joint.

- Dr. Raj
swh6253 replied to Bal M Rajagopalan, MD's response:
I had hip replacement (left side) Feb 2012, 1 year & 7 months ago. I felt pretty good to very good in the early weeks after recovery; however, lately I have been experiencing sharp pain above my knee which stops me in my tracks! About 3-5 times a week my above the knee area LOCKS in such a way that I experience extreme pain and a spasm-like pain above the knee. It almost feels like that area locks and I must relax and slowly reposition my leg and as quickly as it came... it goes. What might be causing this instant paralyzingly pain? The pain comes and goes quickly, but I am left limping.

In addition, I think I feel the stem that is glued into my leg bone when it gets very cold. Could this be so? Could this pain be radiating from my hip even though I do not experience any hip pain?

Thank you so much for any insight you might give me. I had the surgery done at a teaching hospital in San Antonio and have not gone back for ex Ray's which I will do next month.

Thank you, swh6253

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