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post total knee replacement - pain at night
k3trn posted:
I have just had my 2nd total knee replaced (Visionaire Journey Knee). First one in July of 2010 and the 2nd Nov. 2010. What is up with this terrible NIGHT pain. Pain meds are major - oxycontyn (12 hr) and oxycodone every 4-6 hrs. They work during the day, but at night. . . holy crap! NOTHING works! Does anybody have any suggestions??? Sometimes I wonder "why I was stupid enough to do this the 2nd time around. I'm only 47, but I realize the pain I was living with and the limitations I had were holding me back.

I am using my CPM maching and doing PT. I use ice often and the knee is responding great. It's just this horrible, burning night pain.

Thanks for any suggestions!
Bal M Rajagopalan, MD responded:
Hi k3trn,

I am so sorry about the pain you are having. This is not typical. You should not be having this amount of pain this far out... please go back to your doctor and get some XRAYS done. Your knee could be infected, or loose. The biggest issues need to be ruled out. If your doctor does not satisfy your questions after working your knee issues out, you should go get a second opinion.

- Dr. Raj
motorbeku responded:
I just had my 2nd total knee replacement in October 2010. I too suffered from severe knee pain at night. I guess it is because I am using my knee all day long and that by night time it is really tired, sore and swollen. I also noticed that my knee was also very hot, especially at night. I asked my Ortho MD and he ran some tests and found that I have a severe infection. After being on antibiotics for 10 days, I am finally feeling some relief. You might go back and see your Ortho MD and see if he can take some fluid out of your knee to see if there is an infection or something else brewing there. Just a suggestion but I am starting to feel better. I was also put on Dilaudid, a pain med and Soma, a muscle relaxer. Hope you get some relief soon. Don't worry, it does get better.
Sufferteer replied to motorbeku's response:
I can relate to your problem, I had my left knee replacement done November 2010. I have also had bilateral hip replacements done. The left was done in Feburary 2009 the right was done in August 2008. Pain is just a part of my life. On tday my knee hurts me so bad, I'm down to 2 pain pills and no refills. Dr appt. on the 20th of this month, so I been trying to find a OTC pain med that will possibly carry me thru until my next Dr. appt. Do you think Celebrex, Aleve, Advil, or I what will help? Nobody know what this pain is like except someone who's been thru the same situation. And the weather changes make the pain even worst. I know when the weather is going to change better than the weather man. I've been in bed all day dealing with Pain I can't even tolerate nothing to touch again it. I'm in a fix here today. 7 weeks into my surgery is where i'm at as of today.
Sufferteer responded:
I was told by my Phy Thyp that the pain should decrease as the knee heals. Sometimes i wonder. The pain is worst at night i sleep with a pillow between my knee this helps me a lot. Another thing I don't let my pain get to bad before I take something.Stay ahead of your pain i always tell myself. This also works for me as well. I rub my knee down with Vit E skin oil along with vasaline esp when the skin seem to be pulling together or apart. This I do as often as needed about 3 times a day is what I'm up to. By the way my knee is over sensitive to anything touching it so i make sure I rub the incision line down good when moisturizing and it feels real good afterward. So good luck hope i was able to help you somewhat. I't told things will get better I hope so I'm tired of all the limitations. 7 weeks after surgery is where I'm as of today. Good Luck
Madcat71 replied to Sufferteer's response:
I am 8 weeks out from my right knee replacement and, for the most part, am doing considerably well. I use the vitamin E oil on my incision site as well; the left side of my incision is hypersensitive and the right side is completely numb. I have been able to cut down on pain meds alot, but still need them occasionally. My main complaint is that I have flare ups of intense pain during barometric pressure changes in the weather. I'll go from doing great to intense pain. I also have shooting nerve pain at times as well, mostly at night. Is anyone else having these issues? In PT I am extending my leg 1 1/2 degrees and bending at 123 degrees, very happy with that.
morrismeyer replied to Madcat71's response:
I have just had a full knee replacement surgery three weeks ago. What did you have to do during physical therapy at this point. It seems to me that my physical therapist is pushing me faster then what I can handle.
brcole61sindt responded:
I am having the same pain you are talking about. I had surgery Jan 2015 and and running on no sleep due to pain. What did you find out or do. The Dr. ignores me.
raskal replied to brcole61sindt's response:
Try Lyrica but be careful to us for a short period of time due to complications I had from it.

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