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    Should I get a hip replacement now?
    AerosmithFan posted:
    I am 53 and have been diagnosed by 3 orthopedic surgeons with severe osteoarthritis in my left hip and moderate osteoarthritis in my right. I saw the first surgeon about 2 years ago. I'm told there is no cartilage in my left hip and that it's bone on bone. All said I need a THR (left) and eventually will need the right one done. I have the surgery scheduled for early September - more to "get it over with" then anything. I have not been able to run in years but I currently walk and climb stairs every day as I'm trying to make the surrounding muscles as strong as possible prior to the surgery. I do this with minimal pain. I also ride a stationery bike with no pain whatsoever. I have had groin pain for at least 10 years and have been taking Glucosamine & Chondroitin since then. I just heard there is a new supplement, ASU, which relieves pain and maybe even reverses damage. The pain does not keep me up at night and at most is moderate but a little worse in cold and damp weather. I'm second guessing my decision at this time. One doctor told me I'd wake up one day in horrible pain and that I shouldn't wait until then to get the surgery. He said the condition I am in before dictates how well I'll recover. Everything I read says to wait until it's unbearable. Does anyone have a similar experience or feel that the supplements can actually heal the hip slightly?
    georgia888 responded:
    Hello Aerosmith Fan,
    My situation is similar to yours in that I am 55 years old with bone-on-bone OA of my left hip. Although my right hip is fine I do have OA in my lumbar & cervical spine, knees & elbows. I have always been very active. I'm slim & eat well. Until I developed fibromyalgia a few years ago, I never had an ache or pain. The fibro exacerbates OA & now I hurt from head to toe. My THR is scheduled for next week. I, too, vacillated with this decision but finally decided that I don't want it to become an emergency situation. Keep in mind that one must wait a couple of months before getting the surgery date. Everything I've read, also, states to wait until it becomes intolerable. It sounds as though you're not there yet. I, too, take Glucosamine Chondroitin but I'm unfamiliar with ASU. I plan to research this. Another reason I scheduled mine for next week is this is a good time to be away from work.

    I've been experiencing referred pain in the lower back & knee & I'm hoping surgery will eliminate these pains as well. Do you walk with a limp? Due to my age & slender figure, my surgeon will be using a ceramic implant.

    Only you know can make this decision but it sounds like you're not quite ready. Another deciding factor for me was that I felt I could stall only so much longer.

    Best of luck with your decision. Please keep us posted.

    RetiredE8 replied to georgia888's response:
    I am 44 years old and have had a Total Hip Replacement of my left hip. I was diagnosed in June 2010 with osteoarthritis of both hips, but the left was particularly worse. The pain started in 2001 and it was very sharp, deep in the groin and steady. Mind you, I was in the military and went to the doctor initially in 2001 and on several occasions afterwards (especially after a long run) and was told that it was either a strained muscle, a little arthritis, and other things of little concern to the doctors. With that said, I continued to exceed the standards of the Army's physical fitness program, running more than 15 miles a week for years until I retired in 2006.

    I must say, I have a VERY high tolerance to pain. As a matter of fact, by diagnosis 2010 my left hip joint was completely, bone-on-bone and I had a large bone spur in the joint. There was no other alternative but to replace the hip. When the surgeon went in and to replace the hip, there was absolutely no blood supply to the hip joint.

    Since my replacement (8 months ago), I've had nothing but pain and I am very frustrated. I now walk with a limp, I use a case and I must turn my left foot outward in order to walk comfortably. I've been to several orthopedic surgeons, had an aspiration of the hip (no infection), MRI, several Xrays and nothing shows up. I am now scheduled for a bone scan to see if there is a fracture or if the prosthesis has loosened.

    I was truly looking forward to a speedy and successful recovery, especially due to my age, but right now, that's just a thought. I would do it again because I hate to think what would happen had I not gotten it done, but I truly wish the doctors would have diagnosed me earlier to prevent the level of damage that had occurred since 2001.
    AerosmithFan replied to georgia888's response:
    Hi Georgia,

    Thanks for your reply. While the pain is not intolerable one surgeon told me that one shouldn't wait until it is because the condition you are in prior to the surgery can determine how well you recover. Just recently I'm noticing weakness - especially when carrying something as light as a laptop - it feels like my leg might give out. That same surgeon told me he had a patient that was literally dragging his leg. Well, I still have a couple months to think about it. I do have an appt with my general practitioner to get his opinion. The reason I scheduled for September is also it's the best time for me to be out of work.
    AerosmithFan replied to RetiredE8's response:
    Hi RetiredE8,

    Wow - that is really scary!! I've also had the groin pain since 2001 but never got it diagnosed. I just "worked around it" at the gym. I have a bone spur as well. I'm so afraid that I'll get it done and I'll have more pain. I do walk with a slight limp now. How long will you have to use a cane?

    I guess could wait until it's intolerable but now I'm getting weakness that feels like my leg might give out when I'm walking. I have to find out what the "worst that can happen" if I wait. Might I wake up one day in unbearable pain and not be able to get the surgery scheduled for weeks? Or will my leg give out when I'm on the stairs causing me to fall? Oh boy, I'm hoping and praying something will happen to make me know I need to get it done.

    But on the other hand, what if years of taking glucosamine and now just starting on the ASU actually repaired some cartilage - oh yeah, I don't have any. Thanks for your response and please keep me posted on your progress.
    hipbone1201 replied to georgia888's response:
    what is ASU..???? i have left hip pain and bone spur on left hip top of femur...????im 49
    OJOJ64 responded:
    I had mt hip replaced in May of 2010.. best decision I have made. I was in extreme pain..My opinion.. I would not do it until you have so much pain you cannot function.I had the anterior approach type of surgery.. where the go in from the front of your thigh.It is less invasive, and an easier recovery.I have never heard of a supplement that could reverse anything truthfully. I wish you well. Jo-Anna

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