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3 years post hip replacement and still have pain in hip muscles
timsmith81 posted:
I am now, and have always had since my replacement surgery, extreme pain in the muscles on the outside of my hip area. Tried deep tissure theapy and exercise therapy and nothing has helped. My surgeon thinks it is bursitis or something of that nature but refuses to do any type of IT Band surgery or anything like that. I am scheduling my other hip for replacement Friday at my appointment with the surgeon and would like to offer some type of suggestion for the other hips pain. I am 39 years old and this was all caused by inherited avascular necrosis(AVN). Just looking to be pain free for once since way before my first replacement before I start the whole process over again. I so work a physical job for 40-60 hours a week so that certainly doe not help...any suggestions, i am open to anything.
georgia888 responded:
Hi timsmith81,
I'm sounding like a broken record as I can't say enough about warm water therapy. Are you able to get to a gym with a heated pool?

Good luck,
timsmith81 replied to georgia888's response:
Thanks Georgia i will try that.

I went to the surgeon yesterday and we discovered my right hip to be locked in such a way that it is causeing extreme strain on the IT Band and causing Bersitis and extreme pain on the left. We decided to move up the schedule and do the right hip replacement now and thenj hopefully during that rehab all the issues on both sides will go away.
OJOJ64 responded:
Hi Tim.. I too had pain on the outer part of my leg.. in the thigh.. after my hip replacement surgery. I had it for a year.. finally my doctor gave me a shot in the area that hurt the worst. The pain was instantly gone, and has not come back.. that was about 4 months ago.. I think it was cortisone and something like Novocaine... perhaps ask your doctor about the shot?? Good luck!
BarnstableBud responded:
I'm recovering from a posterior hip replacement and am suffering similar IT Band pain. I've been using a roller and that helps at least for a while. I'm guessing that part of the problem relates to the posterior approach replacement. If you haven't investigated it, the anterior approach may be the better way to go in that it requires much less muscle cutting. I know my hospital roommate had the anterior approach done and has no pain at all.
xxbob replied to BarnstableBud's response:
I have had both anterior and posterior. Anterior is most recent and has given me problems for 2 years since the surgery. Surgeon refused to acknowedge and claimed no responsibilty. Finally just changed doctors. Hoping for a better results.

The posterior ewaas done 8 years ago and still going strong. No problems one healed. Anterior healed faster, but never has been right.
sandiegodebs responded:
I am with you Tim.

My total left hip replacement was 3 years ago. In the last year or so, I have extreme pain in my thigh when I walk. Then my hips muscles get so tight, I can bearly move. I have to rest every 5 minutes just to walk much.

My regular doctor told me I have "meralgia paresthictica", in my thigh on my hip replacement leg. "Lateral femoral cuteanous nerve". Something that happens to pregnant women or after hip surgery. I have been pregnant twice and never had this.

Now, when I sit down the wrong way, I feel like my joint is coming out! It's such an eerie feeling and hurts. I haven't called my surgeon because I feel like it is my fault that I haven't lost weight and haven't been active enough, But, I have tried, and did okay, but recently I can't even try, it hurts so much.

I don't want to go through surgery again. I have AVN as well and it had started on my other hip at the same time, then luckily repaired itself. We tried to repair the left hip 5 months earlier, only to find out it was stage 2. It started to work, then broke.

How did your other hip surgery go?

I feel for you!


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