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sores in nose
taramup posted:
I have a question...diagnosed almost two months ago. I've posted a little but mostly a just a reader. I have a like zit thing in my nose and always thought when the docs ask me about sores in mouth and nose that they didn't hurt. So I have always said I don't get them. But now that I think about I've had these at least 5 or more times in the last 10 months. I do seem to alway have ache...all over! Has anyone else dealt with nose sore and can they be sore? Just curious if this could have something to do with the lupus. Thanks Tara
theydontunderstand responded:
I have Lupus , and they told me I also have Wegener's Granulomatosis. I have , well now they are like nodules, tumor, one in each nostril. It started with my allergies, then my nose looked like the inside was coming out. Like say an irruption (valcano, i dont know how else to describe it) It was enlarged and draining. I had to wear gauze and tape over it all the time. The gave me steroid injections in each nostril, into the tumor. They obstructe my breathing. They have gone way down in size. The Dr want to do surgery, I dont think I want it. I am afraid that my nose will look worse. Doctor said they cant promise that it will heal correctly after surgery. My nose is just pinched in on the sides it really dosent look that bad, I dont think. It looks much better than it did when I had the bandage. But my nose problem never started out as small zit type sores.
Istillbannie responded:
Yep, I get them all the time...and they do hurt! Also, methotrexate can cause very bad nose sores...are you on that? If so there is an OTC med that will clear them right up, and taken daily will prevent you from getting them. Good luck! Annie
Lupylisa44 responded:
Hi Tara I have had lupus for 25+ years and have experienced the type of nose sores you speak of intermittently through the years. I have had mouth sores that were very painful as well as the kind that are not. They have always been attributed to lupus by my rheumy. So, the answer is yes they may have something to do with lupus. Lupylisa
taramup responded:
Thanks for the responses. How about zits in general...I mean I've been asked if I have a rash but, really its just acne all over chest and back, neck, arms. That's why I know its a zit in my nose. I can pop them. Some of them are huge...and very sore. Tara
Lupylisa44 responded:
Im not sure how old you are but, you might want to get your hormone levels checked as that can be the cause of acne (or at least it is with me.) When I get bad cystic acne, I use topical clindamycin and retinA to help clear it up. If that doesn't work or if they are really bad, I will go to the dermatologist to get them injected. They use Kenalog and it usually works within 24-48 hours. Lisa
LilPrego216 responded:
I get nose sores every few months and my hurt like the dickins!! My whole nostril will hurt and it feels like a huge zit on the inside! It's been recommended to use petroleum jelly on them to keep them from drying out and itching, and my ENT recommends using plain ol' saline to help keep the nose moist to prevent them. It's definitely something that happens in Lupus patients, but not all of them! LP
Redgirl01 responded:
I to have sores in my nose when I'm flared up. They are very painful sometimes they are quite far up in my nose. My rheumy looked in my nose and saw them but said they have nothing to do with lupus. However whenever I flare up I get them. A lot of Doctors really don't know all the symptoms of lupus. This board is great because the one having lupus know what is going on with our bodies better than outsiders. I have told my Doctor that I have numbness and vibrations in my leg and they said that was not a part of lupus the Doctors said they never heard of that however coming on this board I met people who have the same symptoms. I am so happy to know I am not going crazy. Now I just get the pain pills and plaquenil and only talk to others that have my condition. I don't even try to explain it to nobody because I look so healthy to others.

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