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chrismcg posted:
living w/ lupus since 2006-started discoid then went systemic- now i have the HIVES-its started on my thighs,and has spread around my hips and down my back-this is torture!!!! it was originally temperature sensitive, now its all the time-i work in the meat dept at a grocery store and the cold is what seemed to trigger my latest flare-unfortunately i need the job, so quitting isn't an option- i'm on my 200mg a day plaquenil, pred 10 mg every other day, and lorazapam 2mg a day- i can't tell you how many prescription and otc creams i've tried-nothing works-i am miserable ( i can't sit for long periods of time-i need a pillow, and clothes are like wearing a suit of nails) i haven't tried the desitin yet but after reading that suggestion i' WILL give it a shot-could i be building a tolerance to the plaqenil ??? it really made a difference with the discoid lesions but it seems useless now-HELP!!!
K2isKsquared responded:
Please call your doctor/rheumy ASAP. You may need additional help from your meds. Hives were a big problem when I initially came down with Systemic Lupus.

Many SLE Lupies take 400 mg daily Plaquinel, and a very few Lupies take as much as 800 mg daily; but even if your doc ups your Plaq it can take a couple of months before benefits kick in so they may want to do a temporary increase in the Pred to have an immediate impact on your hives.

You don't have to live like this, please seek help.

You take care of you,
jessi19661 replied to K2isKsquared's response:
hi Chrsmcg. I agree with K2. I have just been hit with lupus in the past 10 months, and hives are a huge problem for me. Along with itching atacks from heck!! The hives spread when you scratch them and it also makes marks on my skin from my bra strap or just running your finger across my skin. Red marks that stay for hours and sometimes even a day. My rheummy discovered this at my last visit. Emotional stress or any stress can trigger these things, I have learned that. There are a couple things that may help itching, because Plaquenil is known to have severe itching with or without a resh, as a side effect. But it is also very likely that if you have Lupus u have urticarial (hives) vasculitis (inflammation in the blood vessels) which causes the hives and itching fits, and the dermatographism (the red marks that can be made on some people's skin easily like on mine))
Just wanted to add my experience......DONT stop the Plaquenil---see my post "horrible pain" if u r thinking about the Dr!! Benedryl or zyrtec may help the hives and itching, or tylenol PM also has benedryl and tylenol in it so that would also work, maybe. I take a Rx for mine since these don't help anymore, its called Atarax, it also comes in generic. It really helps, ur Dr can call it to pharmacy if it is severe.
Hope this helps., jess

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