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Brain Aneurysm
debw216 posted:
Hi Everyone!

Well, it just never ends.... The other night while sleeping, I woke up with a horrible pain in my head. The pain was localized, (just above my right ear) and very, very severe.

If felt as if, someone reach into my brain and pinched me. More painful than "brain freeze." This pain lasted only about a minute or so, but during that minute my only thought was, "well, this is it for me." I sat on the edge of my bed with my head in my hands waiting to die.

I do have central nervous system involvement, and had a stroke back in 1991. And right now, I take Plavix for TIA's. So, went to see my Dr. yesterday and she thinks that I might have had a small brain aneurysm, that burst.

I have a appt. on Wed the 24th, for a MRA. To be honest, I really think I had another stroke. Afterwards, my hands and head started shaking and I had no control over it. That lasted about an hour, then I felt so tired/exhausted that I could hardly keep my eyes open. This is exactly how I felt when I had my stroke back in 91.

Please everyone, wish me luck and keep your paws crossed for me. I could really use some support right now.

HG1948 responded:

Oh Deb, of course my wolfpack, wolf paws are ccrossed for you.

So sorry you are beset by so many seperate health trauma's at once. You really need a little breathing space don't you.

I know that you were probably very confused and not able to think clearly, not to mention just plane scared. I'd have been all of those things.

Please do not wait for an hour to pass if you experience additional symptoms. Call 911 right away. There are treatments for strokes, that if begun within minutes of a stroke can not only save your life, but can minimize disabilities from a stroke.

Holding you in my prayers.

renalupie1 responded:
Oh my goodness! Of course we will keep you in our thoughts! It is a shame you have to wait that long for a test!

Hang in there, if you have anything else happen you scedaddle your butt to the hospital!

Lupylisa44 responded:
Oh no! That is not very good news! I am very suprised they are making you wait so long for the MRA. I thought that was something that had to be dealt with right away!

If you have any more symptoms please get yourself to the ER pronto!!!

I'll be keeping you in my thoughts & prayers! Please keep us posted

jessi19661 responded:
I am so sorry, Deb. That is horrible, but I had a similar experience 2 days ago. But I don't think it was a stroke, it was my heart. It all of the sudden got really tight and severe pain. I was in the bathrom and all I could think was "I better get my pants on, I don't want to be found with no pants!!" Then I sat down and it continued for 15-20 minutes, and all I could think was how I did not want to call 911 or anyone, or go to the hospital. So, I understand, I thought I was a goner! I took an aspirin and breathed really deep so my heart could get a lot of my mind it was a good idea.

I think I may have CNS involvement, or maybe I don't have lupus, but MS. There have been a few docs to think that is my problem. I am going back to see my neurosurgeon soon, and have him do MRI of my neck, lumbo-sacral spines and my brain and spinal cord. Even though I am afraid to know, I know it is time to have it checked out.

Do you ever get involuntary muscle jerks? Not little twitches, but JERKS? I have been having them non stop and have never had them before. The other night they were so bad, I was lying in bed and my arm jumped up 6 inches and then my leg did it to!! I have also had severe memory loss and some confusion and slowed thinking. I have also recently had several migraines. Do you have any of these issues? Just wondering if others have experienced this who have CNS Lupus??

Please call 911 next time anything happens!!! Even though I know you wont want to, you would be sorely missed!! Hugs, I hope u feel better soon......jess
debw216 replied to HG1948's response:
HG, Rena, LupyLisa and Jessi....

Thank you, all.... I just can't begin to say how much it means to me to have your kind words of support!! Yes, I know I should not have waited... My children were very upset with me, for not calling them and calling 911. But HG, you are right. I was not thinking clearly, because this happened around 2 am, and I was in a sound sleep.

I do have a family history of heart attacks and strokes. My grandmother died when she was only 47 of a stroke. My mother (her daughter) had a massive heart attack when she was only 45. And up til her death at 68 years old, she had numerous heart attacks and strokes throughout her years. I also have a family history, on both sides, of aneurysms. Also when my mom, was 64, she was also diagnosed with Lupus. So, I think she also had CNS involvement.

Last year, I found out that I have blockages of both of my carotid arteries. The Dr. said, "severe blockage on both sides." Also last year, I had a MRI of my brain that showed some damage, either from little strokes or vasculitis. I was also told that I have early onset dementia, because the front part of my brain has shrunk. (sigh) So, my short term memory is not good. I think I should buy stock in the "post-it" I have, post-its every where to remind me of things.

Stress? Whats that? (grin) At any rate, again thank you all for supporting me during this time. I truly appreciate your help and support!!

debw216 replied to jessi19661's response:
Hi Jessi! Thank you for your reply and support! To answer your question about "involuntary muscle jerks." No, never had them...

But as I said in my other post to everyone, I do get short term memory loss. And yes, I do get headaches but not migraines....more like a tension headaches. I get confused a lot and my thinking is also very slow, compared to how I was before.

I used to be a speed reader. I used to love to read and could read a novel in just a few hours. But now, I have to keep reading things over and over again to try and comprehend and remember what I've read. Also when I am watching TV, I find myself rewinding what I had just watched, because Im having a hard time remembering what was said, and just trying to keep up. I used to love watching documentries and any thing science related...but now, just can't remember or retain anything. I feel like I have lost my life, because I used to have such a good memory....

Jessi, you said that you were going back to your "neurosurgeon?" Have you had brain surgery before? Also, like me you should have called 911 too.... Big hugs to you... I just looked at the clock and my brother should be here any minute to pick me up....but I forgot! LOL... Hope to talk again soon, and I also hope you feel better!!


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