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WebMd's new format:..
HG1948 posted:
I've not said anything negative about the New "Exchange's" format until now. I believed I'd be able to accomodate another message board change. After using WebMd's, Fibromyalgia, CFIDS, and Lupus Boards since appox.2001, I've adapted to format after a few weeks.

Now, I can only sit for limited periods of time without creating more problems with my back and spinal cord.

When I now sit down to read and answer messages, because I have a few minutes to do so, I sometimes get totally lost withing a 6mo+ or older message which I'd already read and responded to when it was originally written.

I waste too much time searching for messages. I also hate having to scroll down these "old messages" in order to see if I'd already responded when the message was new. I also hate having to scroll through all of the messages to just read a new reply or question to which I want contribute a response.

Well, my "time is up" for this "computer usage time allotment" this morning.

I used to enjoy reading and responding messages posted by new and old "wolfpack" members, but not any longer.

drder to understand the "new message" that was a response to the 6 month old question.

Now I am only able to respond to one person's question when I used to be able to respond to many more within the same alloted
HG1948 responded:
I intended to write,

"Now I am only able to respond to one person's question when I used to be able to respond to many more withing the same allotted time.:"

Emma_WebMD_Staff replied to HG1948's response:
I am sorry you are struggling so much HG, all of the issues you spoke of we are trying to resolve or find a solution to make it easier for our members. I know it's hard to stay patient but I assure you we are working on the problems and hope to have some of it working better very soon.

Take care,
Lupylisa44 replied to Emma_WebMD_Staff's response:
Instead of "popular" posts, just have the latest and add a separate tab for archived posts older than 45 days?
HG1948 replied to Lupylisa44's response:
Thank you Lisa. Have you begun to feel any better. I'd bothered me to see your multipal medical problems that developed during the past 6-7 months. Do you think your problems occurred because of the changes in your medication resulted in a "deregulation" of your bodies "steady state"? I remember when you started on the generic cellcept seemed to be the start of many other complaints.

HG1948 replied to Emma_WebMD_Staff's response:
Thank you Emma for the support. I realy appreciate you so much.

Lupylisa44 replied to HG1948's response:
I went back on the brand name cellcept a few months ago, but it didn't seem to help. The thing that fixed the pain I was having is Vitamin D!!!

Having my hormones out of whack has probably thrown my thyroid of kilter too. I hope I can get all these things back to normal again!!!

I hope you start feeling better too!


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