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squirmy1963 posted:
I was told that anxiety often goes along with diseases like Lupus. I am being treated for it. I am interested in knowing why this occurs.
allie_bf responded:
Anxiety (and depression) often accompany chronic medical problems. Probably part of it is the unpredictability of flares, another part is wondering what the long term future holds. Most lupies can continue to work, and participate actively in the wider community, but some folks do end up with more aggressive disease and are more home bound. When first diagnosed, it's natural to wonder where one will end up. Over time, it can seem like one step forward, and two back. That's inevitably anxiety provoking. There are probably also some biochemical explanations related to the effects of inflammation on the nervous system, as other immune diseases (e.g. asthma) seem to have strong links to depression and anxiety.
jessi19661 replied to allie_bf's response:
Hi. Anxiety evidently is EXPECTED in Lupus patients, as I was upset with my PCP doctor and went into a stress-induced flare and had to drive 80 miles to see my rheummy and instead of giving me pain medication he gave me Rx for anti-anxiety meds! He told me I need them until my antidepressant kicks-in......but I didn't understand yet what stress and anxiety can do to Lupus! Now I definately do, and thank goodness I have my ativan when I need it.

Stress is dangerous for lupies because, as I understand it, stress can bring on ANY TYPE of flair, on any organ. Scary stuff. Hugs to u and try to handle stress well, u can always vent here, I do. And no one is bothered by it at all. Hugs!

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