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ANA testing and q's to Dr.Z. he won't answer
marilynk2 posted:
He responded to my Where are you ? and he ansered to some but told me in point blank terms that he will not anser us who posted other Q's. I, for one an disappointe after being so well received by another doc on another board that this is ludicris. I have real isues to discuss and when some can ask and others nor or whatever, the heck with it. Right now, all is not well in my world so I don't need this. I will flare anyway.

Lupylisa44 responded:
The reasons Dr. Z cannot give online medical advice to individuals are many. Not the least of which are legal concerns. I think he is right by saying that each person should see their own doctor with specific problems.

He is here to give us tips and information that will help educate us about lupus in general not individually. And I for one am thankful that he has taken time to participate in our lupus message board!

Emma_WebMD_Staff replied to Lupylisa44's response:

You have it exactly right, and honestly he doesn't have any members medical charts, so he doesn't have any medical history. It's really in everyone's best interest to seek their own doctors advice and if they are unhappy for them to look into a second opinion of a doctor they can take their charts to and be evaluated.

Marilyn, Dr. Zelman was not excluding you, he was just simply stating he isn't here to give 2nd opinions or to be used in place of your own doctor.

Take care,
jessi19661 responded:
Marilyn, u are a GREAT person, and this Board is "hypothetical" anyway, it is not a real thing. He did come off to me the same way, I did not think your questions were any diff than anyone else's. Anyway, some things are not worth it!! There are many "issues" with this board. Not much support anyway, you won't miss it, I am sure. Try the Lupus Foundation of America Forums, just type it in google. Much better and more accurate posters.....oh, and there is support there! Many hugs, maybe see u there.

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