Lupus SLE Blood sugar levels
An_206338 posted:
what effect does high blood sugar level have on someone with Lupus SLE? I've been trying to find information on this I can't find a clear answer.
renalupie1 responded:
Well, the combination of high sugar levels and SLE is a one two punch to the kidneys. It is very important that you keep your sugar under control. Very hard to control the lupus, but the sugar you have more ability to help with diet and exercise and meds.

Taking steroids will play havoc on your sugar levels. I do not know if you are taking them, but most "lupies" do at one point or another.

All I can tell you is keeping your sugar under control helps you have a healthier immune system which in turns helps you with your lupus. Both diabetes and lupus are autoimmune disorders. They can "feed" off one another and the symptoms of each can mask the symptoms of other illnesses. Your rheumatologist needs to test your kidneys and set you up with a good dietician. If you do have kidney involvement a nephrologist is needed to help you control that as well.

If you want to talk more, please provide more information.....