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and now... the thyroid
mrsjir1964 posted:
I have SLE, and over the past 6 months have battled hypothyroidism. My numbers are off the charts (TSH- 12.71, T4- .9, T3- 52). My doctor tried me on synthroid and because it is processed in my kidneys- this did NOT go well. We've tried Cytomel (acts like a sedative and numbers went exactly opposite of desired results), ArmourThyroid (nasty allergic reaction- but new endo believes it was just too high a dose even though it is the lowest dose made), and I can't get NatureThyroid in my area to save my soul. So, I have been referred to an endocrinologist who wants to put me back on the synthroid. I've already explained to him my kidneys could not process this (I think he's trying to blow me off- but too soon to tell as I've only seen him once) What is available out there to correct these numbers but not involve the kidneys?? (My kidneys swelled and I was in a lot of pain- this ended within 24 hrs, of stopping the synthroid- labs proved it was NOT a kidney infection or UTI) Should I add in a nephrologist to this mix to double check (kidney labs all come back within normal limits) what the synthroid is doing?? To add to this, I'm neck deep in a flare and that alone is kicking my tail. I am very proactive in my own care, but must admit I'm at a loss here.... I know I need some form of thyroid medication, but I don't know what all is available to assist in correcting the numbers mentioned above... anyone got any ideas???
allie_bf responded:
Simply put, you need thyroid hormone to correct hypothyroidism. I'd have to wonder if you were actually getting Cytomel if you were experiencing sedation (possibly there was a pharmacy error, if you have any tabs left, it might be worth checking the pharmacy desk reference.) Cytomel is a short acting thyroid hormone, and it's certainly not going to result in sedation (having taken it for years, I have some practical experience with this as well.) I'd have to agree with the endocrinologist about giving the Synthroid another go-round. After all, being hypothyroid for a prolonged period isn't going to do your kidneys (or any other part of you) any good. I've stayed away from the dessicated thyroid since I have concerns about an allergic/immune reaction from animal products, figuring that my immune system is already confused enough, why add any new triggers. Perhaps that's overcautious, but I've had serum-sickness type reactions to other drugs, so I don't like to set myself up for another flare if there's any other choice out there.
mrsjir1964 replied to allie_bf's response:
Thanks for the reply... dr. put me on a synthetic (Levoxil) that is processed in the Liver (I do better with those types- liver isn't nearly as sensitive as my kidneys) I did some checking around, and a few other people who were on the cytomel experienced the 'sedation' effect...they just figured it was the thyroid, not the medication. I was off the cytomel for a month in between dr. apts. and gradually began to feel much better with an improved activity level....just everything else went off the charts! Oh well....not all is perfect in my world. But, started the Levoxil today and so far, so allergic reactions, anyway- so its a start! I'll keep ya' posted... again, thanks a bunch...............pj

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