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Oprah Finally Supporting Lupus
Patientofmanydiagnosis posted:
Hello everyone,
It's been a while so to some of you I'm new & others may remember me. Well I was hospitalized for 5 weeks this past time due to another DVT in my right arm & really bad infection due to P.I.C. line to treat my kidneys with chemo. I was half way through my 6 months of treatment when I got interupted with the other problems so I'm still on antibiotics from home twice a day through another PIC line. Besides my usual chronic pain from my AVM & AVF's in my right leg now I also have pain in my left leg. The hospital also diagnosed that I have some bone death around my left knee. That's a brief update of what's kept me from posting.

I looked through previous post & didn't seem to see anything about Oprah. Some of us know it's been hard to get on her show about Lupus. Well I guess she's finally going to be supportive of SLE. You can now go to her site & she has a section specifically for us. I've pasted in here what I think should take you directly to the page.
? Click here to go to Lupus on

Let us prove how many of us are here with Lupus & it's great she finally put something together to support us.

I miss you guys & it's been forever since I've chatted.

Staying Strong,

HG1948 responded:

Of course I remember you. Gosh, I am so sorry to hear how sick you've been this past year.

I'm glad you found the stamina to post a message to us. I hope you come back here when you feel up to it from time to time.

I too have been seriously ill during the past 12 months. Good news, like you, "I'm still standing". (:-) Sometimes people just completely "drop off" the radar, and those of us left behind wonder about them.

Glad you appeared on the radar. Also, the news about Oprah was good to hear.

Lupylisa44 responded:
HI Ezra!

I am so sorry to hear that you are going through so much yet again! Thanks for stopping by and for sharing the info about Oprah. I think everyone should post the Oprah link on their facebook pages! Every little bit of awareness helps!

I hope you start feeeling better soon. It seems that lately you just can't seem to get a break from it all!


Patientofmanydiagnosis replied to Lupylisa44's response:
Thank you guys for your replies. I think a lot of people stop logging in here since they made that last change it kind of discourages me still. I still hate how bright white it is that makes it either blinding or brings on head aches.
Lisa, I think your idea about everyone posting the Oprah link on there facebook is a good idea.

I just finished the I.V. antibiotics they had me on so next week I start back up on my chemo for the Lupus Nephritis. I still have 3 months of treatment left for that. Then we'll see where I stand.

Staying Strong,


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