Nail bed pain
lisaisweavebee posted:
Hey All,

Does anyone else have trouble with nail bed pain? My nail beds throb as if I got my fingers smashed. It feels as if the actual nails are ready to split open and fall's been this way off and on for months. I happen to have a appt. today with my PCP for other issues and think I'll run it by him. Just curious if it was just me or if it's a common problem.


paridise responded:
Just wanted to let you know that, yes sometimes my nail beds will hurt also. Sometimes even painting my finger nails will hurt the tips of my fingers and also finger joints. I have just excepted it goes along with having lupus sorry
jinajae responded:
Did you every figure out what caused that pain?! I'm feeling the exact same thing yesterday and today, plus something milder in my toes. Thanks!
lupycakes replied to jinajae's response:
No - never did get a clear answer on why I have the nail pain...I heard it might be a result of having raynauds. guess that would make sense.

Lisa - p.s. that post was from 2 years ago but I am still having the same issues! (lisaisweavebee was my old screen name)
JennyJean replied to lupycakes's response:
Hi Lupycakes!
The same thing happens to me! My Nail beds are always hurting and throbbing like crazy. I recently took off my acrylic nails for good thought it would help, not so much. But they are so tender and painful around the tips. I also have raynauds! As well as APS. So i am guessing it has to do with all that.