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Mouth Sores?
Mabbo posted:
I went back to my Rhumatologist yesterday. She is currently hesistant to diagnose me with Lupus, I am to go back and see her if I develop any new symptoms (it sounds like I'm one symptom short). One of the ones she listed was mouth sores. Ummm... what are these like? Sometimes I get little circles (kind of cratery) that I feel with my tongue on the inside of my cheeks. I looked at one once, and it was a little red in the middle. Is that it? Or is just just me accidentally getting my cheek while chewing food (is that possible?).

I didn't have one at the time I was there, so I couldn't very well stop her and ask her to look...
Lupylisa44 responded:

Next time you get one, take a picture of it! Odds are you wont have one at your next appt. either. You know how it feel terrible and as soon as you see the doctor everything is fine...then you go home and you are sick again!

What are your other symptoms? Has she done bloodwork? what were your results?

I am glad you decided to join our group! Welcome!

Mabbo replied to Lupylisa44's response:
She has taken lots of blood. Nothing has really indicated anything yet, except that my kidneys do not handle exercise well.

I'm constantly tired. My hands turn purple daily. I'm usually cold, and if I'm not cold I'm too warm. I've had one instance (that I've noticed) of photosensitivity, I was in the sun for about 10 minutes and my face went red, like I got a sunburn, but once I was inside for awhile it went away. I've had nightsweats (not currently) that lasted for over a week or two. I'm trying to think of what else, but my brain is too tired now.

Funnily enough I think it's the dermatologist that is getting this figured out, she asked all the different questions about symptoms and gave me time to answer and talk. The rhumatologist just asks "Any new symptoms?". Well, nothing "new" really, just the same stuff I've had for awhile.
allie_bf replied to Mabbo's response:
My rheumatologist has a form that she gives to everyone to fill out before each appointment (no matter how many times you've been there before) to track and rate symptoms as to their severity. If your rheumy does not do that, you could try making your own. It does take a while for a diagnosis, don't expect one on your first, or even 3rd or 4th visit; eventually a complete picture will appear, given the symptoms, timing, and bloodwork results. As to the mouth sores, I've had far fewer since I started on medication 3 years ago, but mine felt and looked like blistering (my husband calls it "pizza mouth.") Another poster here commented that it might be fungal, and responsive to Nystatin, but I don't think I've had another episode yet to test that idea.
Vegreen responded:
Hello and welcome to our group! I frequently get sores on my tongue. I have areas out lined in white especially after I brush my teeth. These areas look like I have burned my tongue by eating something hot. These ones dont hurt too bad and like I said I have them everyday, sometimes worse than others. I also get huge canker like sores that are extremely painful on the sides of my tongue back by my molars, These sores sometimes are like open sores. My rhuemy has me take folic acid to try and maintain them. Works some times.

Anyway I hope this has helped you some. I was told that the sores can be different in different people. My sister gets episodes when her mouth turns red and she gets huge blisters on the roof of her mouth. She has not been diagnosis with lupus yet.

I hope everyone is having a good evening!

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