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Quetions ??
micbrewski posted:
HI, I have had something happen that has never happened before. My hands got really cold and felt like they were asleep. Dr said I have raynaud's disease. Usually it is in one spot this time it was my whole hand. (Both hands) Felt pretty strange. Does this go hand and hand with Lupus? I guess that is my question? Still waitning for results. Tuesday is the day I go to see Her. I have been keeping track more closely of my symptoms. Low grade fevers 100.8 , knee pain and swelling, etc. She put me on Medrol again. Well any way thanks for reading. And thanks for the insite.
Lupylisa44 responded:
Raynaud's phenomenon is often associated with lupus as a secondary condition.

What were you doing when both of your hands became numb? Did they turn red, white or blue? I usually am affected in cold weather, when taking something out of the freezer or using cold water.

I hope you get some answers soon!

micbrewski replied to Lupylisa44's response:
Hi Lupylisa,
I woke up feeling cold, went on the computer for awhile and then it came on. I have had the cold feeling and white/blue color before, but not where both my hands felt numb. It usually just happens to my fingers. I do get that feeling when I am in the freezer as wellor cold water. Well thanks for your input.
dmcam417 responded:
that was how i was originally diagnosed with lupus. i worked in hospital-cold all the time-and a doc friend saw my hands. so i am very grateful to reynaud's for the part it played in my lupus journey!
candi619 responded:
I have raynaud's syndrome my Dr. says its a symptom of lupus for some. I've never had my full hand go numb just my fingers and toes whenever I get a little cold Its pretty annoying! They will go completely white all the way down to the middle of my fingers and as they start to warm up they go red/blue looking and have a tingling sensation kind of like when something falls asleep sometimes it will be a throbbing feeling.

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