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Questions again.
micbrewski posted:
Hi everyone,
I am sorry I keep coming back with questions. I don't understand all this stuff. I went to see my Rhemy on Tuesday she said My ANA was high, she also said my Lupus test and RA test were normal?? I asked her and she said they didn't put any numbers by the ANA. She said it shows signs of Autoimmune but didn't have an answer as to which one. The only thing I know is I feel like crap almost all the time. She put me on more MedsPrednisone,Folbic and Methotrexate. Any ideas?? She said my symptoms where helpful to her( but not for me!!) I try to read daily on here to understand more, but it gets pretty confusing when they say their ANA is 62 or how it works and so on. Still a guessing game I guess. Well I guess I will just keep waiting. Thanks for any suggestions
Lupylisa44 responded:
Hi Roxann

There ios no need to apologize for asking questions!!! That is what we are here for!!! So don't feel badly about asking anything you want to know!!!

I am not sure what your doctor meant when she said that your "lupus tests" were normal since there is no one stest to determine if you have lupus. The ANA is but one of the tests used in diagnosisng lupus.

Determining if you have something autoimmune going on is a first step. Trying to figure out which autoimmune disease you have is a whole other thing! There can be so many diseases where the overlap, it may take a while to get a definitive diagnosis.

The best thin you can do is to educate yourself! I would also suggest that you keep a daily health journal and write down every symptom you experience. Doing this may show a pattern which may help with getting diagnosed.

Over to the lower right of this screen there is a scetion called Resources. There is a ton of info that has been archived for reference. I would suggest you read them all.

I sure hope your new meds help relieve some of your symptoms. Hang in there! It sounds like your doctor is on the right path to finding out what is going on with you.


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