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    "Normal" ranges for blood test results
    TXDIYGal posted:
    I am trying to find out what the 'normal' ranges are for the majority of the blood tests that are done for Lupus. I have some test results that were read to me by the doctors' office but they didn't take the time to explain what the ranges were and whether they were near normal, out of range, etc. It would be nice if there were a site to go to that would give a comprehensive explanation of the tests, what the results mean if they are high or low, and what it means when they are "always" out of range or "fluctuate" in and out of range along with your lupus flares. I have a feeling that some of my test results are fluctuating with my flares. I would really like a better explanation of the ranges of the results also. My hubby is a FP doctor but not real familiar with the Lupus test results so he is learning more about it along with me. He can explain alot of it to me but I like to do research on my own.

    After my last rash I received a monster steroid injection in the caudal space of my SI joint through a catheter. Within 36 hours my rash was gone and my pain was down to very manageable levels! Within the week they took blood tests and these are some of the results I had: The Skin biopsy was positive. My ANA result was negative. Urine & WBC was normal, C-3 was 128, C-4 was 30, Rheumatoid-20.8, Anti DNA-1, RNP-<0.2, Smith-<0.2. These aren't all the results of course and he said they are all "borderline". I have a feeling that the cortisone injection may have affected them to some degree because I have so many of the physical symptoms and the skin biopsy and rash are positive, I have the Raynauds', the joint pain and swelling, mouth ulcers, migraines, fatigue, low-grade fevers, etc.

    It will be interesting to see what the next batch of blood work will say. I am dealing with a 'flare' of two days now so I can say that physically the symptoms all kind of make sense now that I have the positive diagnosis. I have been so baffled by these symptoms for so long now that it has been so depressing! Now-I can finally forgive myself for not doing the dishes and just tell my husband that they will just have to order pizza in tonight or make mac-n-cheese with tuna for supper. It seems like my family is finally starting to be a little more understanding now when they see me walking around all hunched over, barely able to walk.

    Has anyone else gone through wild fluctuations of results in their blood test results like this? It sure is good to have a forum like this to share with others. Thanks to all of you out there!
    Docs Gal
    beccajo19 responded:
    Hi I hope I can help a little. I have SLE Lupus, Secondary Sjogren's, Raynauds, Fibromyalgia, TMJ, Hypothyroidism and really it seems every time I go in for my 3 month check up there is a new diagnosis added to the list. My symptoms have fluctuated over the past years...feeling like I'm in a flare when some of my labs say I'm not and then at times when I feel pretty good my labs show I'm in a flare. It's frustrating...but with Lupus, Sjogrens and Fibro one of them is always acting up. I've looked over some of my labs (I keep all copies over the years) and this is what the lab that I use shows the "normal ranges" as:
    C3 90.0 - 180.0 mg/dl
    C4 10.0 - 40.0 mg/dl
    CRP 0.0 - 0.5mg/dl
    Aldolase 1.2 - 7.6 U/L
    SGOT (AST) 13 - 39
    SGPT (ALT) 7 - 52
    CK 24 - 170
    Sed Rate 0 - 20
    Creatinine 0.5 - 1.2
    ENA AB
    SMRNP AB <0.8 negative
    0.8 - 1.0 Borderline
    >1.0 Positive
    SMITH AB <0.8 negative
    0.8 - 1.0 Borderline
    >1.0 Positive

    <25 Negative
    25 - 34 Borderline
    35 - 99 Weak Positive
    100 - 200 Moderately Positive
    >200 Strong Positive

    Sjogrens Antibodies
    SSA < or = 1.00 Negative
    >1.00 Positive

    SSB < or = 1.00 Negative
    >1.00 Positive

    DNA Antibody 0 - 149 IU/ML

    Aldolase 1.2 - 7.6 U/L

    Here are some...there are just so much to list. My Lupus doctor will check my liver function, kidney function, along with the normal Lupus, Sjogrens labs. I have learned that there is so much to learn about this disease you will never know everything. You also have to let go...try and let go and rest. Let the laundry and dishes go. You will have some good days along with some exhausting bad days...and those days you need to stay in bed or lay on the couch and rest. There will also be days your family will understanding and be helpful and there will be days that they will forget that you are sick becuase you don't "look" sick. Take care of yourself so you can be there for your family. I have had so many emotions with this disease over the past several years....this website, support groups or even counseling I believe help.
    redwingfan2010 responded:

    Here's a site that I've used before to look up lab tests that I was unfamiliar with:

    Hope it helps!
    TXDIYGal replied to redwingfan2010's response:
    Thank you for that link! It is very informative and I encourage others here to bookmark it for info purposes.
    redwingfan2010 replied to TXDIYGal's response:
    Glad it helped you!

    I always recommend going over all labs with your doc, but sometimes we have to be able to arm ourselves with the information we need. ;)

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