Any one used Imuran / Azathioprine before?
shell04937 posted:
Hi my name is Michelle/shell04937 and I used to visit this board when I first got my diagnosis of Sjogrens syndrome. It has been 5 1/2 yrs since diagnosis and until this past year I have been stable on Plaquinel 600mg daily. Last fall I was on Prednisone for my fevers and it took 6week to get off the prednison and I was supposed to go back on when fevers showed up again but I held of until last week. Anyways today I had a visit with my Rheumy and he perscribed Imuran 50mg daily. I am diabetic and Prednison is not good on my sugars so this is a trial alternative.
I am just wondering if anyone here has had experience with this med.
anowlin responded:
I have Sjogren's Syndrome in addition to lupus. My rheumie had me on 50 mg of Imuran daily (I think that was the dose) for about a year after I was diagnosed then I was tapered off. I think I had to have regular white blood cell count checks or SOME routine bloodwork as long as I was on Imuran, but I haven't taken it since 2003 or so.
shell04937 replied to anowlin's response:
I have to take my White Blood Cell Count in 3 weeks. I have been on Prednisone on and off all winter but having diabetes is not a good combo so we are trying Imuran.
Did the Imuran work? I just started today so it wll be a little while before we know if it is doing anything.
Thanks for responding.
staciecollett responded:
Hi Shell, I have been on Imuran since 2005, shortly after I was dx with Lupus. It has worked very well for me. My rheumy prescribed it specifically for my intestinal problems due to lupus attacking my GI tract. I hope it works well for you.
anowlin replied to shell04937's response:
Shelly, As far as, "Did the Immuran work?" I don't know what it was supposed to do and that's so abnormal for me not to know WHY I'm taking a med and HOW LONG it might be before I might see or notice a difference.But when the shoe falls on your foot, all objectivity goes "out the window."

Now that I'm no longer taking it, in retrospect it was effective in decreasing the aches. I don't have problems w/ blood sugar, though at the time, Prednisone was being tapered off and Imuran dose was steady.
msbrich50 replied to anowlin's response:
I have never used Imuran but I am currently taking Azathioprine and have been using it now for about 9 months. It does help somewhat with the pain though I seem to be having headaches which may or may not be due to the new medicine. I tend to have these sever headaches everyday but the neurologist thinks it is the lupus and not the medications.

I was on prednisone for about 10 years and have developed avascular necrosis because of the dosages and tapering off of it. I have it in my knees, hips and my tibia. Before using the azathioprine I was taking methotrexate but it did not help with the inflammation nor the pain. With the possible side effects I wanted to try something else, so far I don't have any problems and my Rheumy does run blood test about every 3 months.
shell04937 replied to msbrich50's response:
Imuran is just another name for Azathioprine. I am currently taking 50mg a day and am going to be starting my 3rd week on it tomorrow. I have headaches all time time so I will not know if the meds trigger them. Only strange thing I have felt this week is the tip of my nose is tingly like it gets when im in the middle of a migraine but head does not hurt less or worse when its happening. Other then that no strange side effects yet.
Good luck.
Cher56 replied to shell04937's response:
On my 3rd week of this med. So use to feeling better when on medications (anti biotics pain med). No idea what this is suppose to do..but I dont feel a bit different. I was recently diasgnosed as Crest/diffuse Scleredema. I have been sick for like 3 yrs before getting diagnosed. Maybe it will take some time to feel better? I am tired,itchy,swollen,pain and very depressed...I thought with all the issues I would be taking numerous drugs..
tammyhiles responded:
Azathioprine greatly improved my systemic lupus erthematous (SLE) symptoms. I have neurological involvement and before this medicine my right foot was paralyzed. I can now walk thanks to this. I had blood work and all my values are normal now which was not the case before. I do not have any side effects either. It has been a lifesaver for me.