Incopmetence abounds!!!
Lupylisa44 posted:
I really despise incompetent people!!! No neck procedure for me today because the doctor doesn't participate with my insurance even though all of his partners do. You'd think they would have told me this sometime in the two weeks I have waited for the appt., not the day of my appt! So that means I am in terrible pain until I can get another doc. So far no one is seeing new patients until end of June...UGH

I quit taking the pain meds because of it blocking my hormone replacement. but my hormones are all over the map! of the 34 hormonal imbalance symptoms I have read about, I have 30 of them!!!

I wanna go back to bed!

With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
renalupie1 responded:
Going to bed sounds lovely. LOL. I want my sweats and pillow so bad!!!

It amazes me how we get sent to docs that aren't on our insurance plans. I hope they get it figured out sooner than June and get you some relief!!

K2isKsquared responded:
JUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's absolutely ridiculous when it was their freakin error in the first place.


allie_bf responded:
I agree with K2, they really should have worked harder to get you back on the schedule. I had a similar problem: my doctor did not renew with the insurer for the new year (for my January appointment) so he was out of network when I went to my appointment. I just went ahead and used him anyway because I was afraid that, like you, it would take months to get back in. Fortunately, it's the facility charges that are really high, not so much the MD charges, and I was using a network hospital's pain management services. Most doctors' offices do check network affiliations when they do your benefit & eligibility check so they knew/should have known that you would be out of network at least a day or two before your appointment, and should have let you know in advance, not on the day of your appointment. If they also tried to charge you for a same day cancellation, they should certainly have to waive that charge.