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    Hi everyone!!
    gringa1 posted:
    Ok new experience.... my mouth feels like I hate alot of pineapple, my tongue and pallate feel sore. Whats going on???
    lisaisweavebee responded:
    Did you eat anything new that you might be allergic to? I have a problem that my tongue/roof will go white for a day and then disappear just as quick - like thrush but my docs say it's a reaction to the plaquenil.
    gringa1 replied to lisaisweavebee's response:
    Nothing new, it actually is uncomfortable to eat, at times difficult to swallow. The only thing different is the plaquenil that I started almost 3 weeks ago. It's funny you mention thrusting, my mouth hurts as if I've been thrusting. This has been going on for a week now and my lips are getting dry. What else do I look forward to.
    momauntb replied to gringa1's response:
    wow,i was reading you're post, i pray i don't have this problem, i already have problems eating,it's like i' choking when i try to swallow food, i get so frustrated and push my plate away, my family gets mad for this but they just don't understand. hope things get better for you
    renalupie1 replied to momauntb's response:
    I just went through (yet another) episode of choking issues. I took Prilosec for two weeks and that seems to have solved it for me. I have GERD from all those years of lovely meds : )
    and this time I didn't realize it was happening again. I have been taking alot of nsaids lately, so had a V-8 moment and did the prilosec thing.

    Helped alot, worth trying!! I also have a hiatal hernia so that creates its own issues. But tends to be worse when I have GERD. I was to the point that my soft palate was red as well....

    Just a thought.

    gringa1 replied to renalupie1's response:
    Before I was diagnosed with lupus, I would every now and then have a very hard and painful time swallowing my food and fluids which burns. Just last week and another one of those moments which scared me, cause water wasn't even going down. What does one do when this happens. It literally felt like my esaphagus was closing on me.

    winelover24018 replied to gringa1's response:
    Before I found out that I have Lupus I was having swallowing issues and my internist sent me for some test. I had to swallow tiny marshmallows and some kind of liquid that showed up on these machines that showed images of my throat as I swallowed. They said I had no obstructions to stop the swallowing but I obviously had trouble swallowing. Since then we have discovered that I also have Sjogren's. If you go to the Sjogren's Foundation website you can see how it can make swallowing difficult due to lack of loss of saliva. Great website
    gringa1 replied to winelover24018's response:
    Thanks will check it out. By the way love your name "winelover", did you have to give up drinking you wine since you found out you have lupus. Curious, cause I love my wine,beer and coffee, and I read those should be given up :(
    heymiller responded:
    wellcome to the world of Lupus my friend. Hi I've had Lupus since 1989 and still I get things that I say now what ! I don't know what they call it but I know it hurts and its hard to eat alot of things. Since I had dry mouth it makes it even worse.
    My primary Dr. not Rhuemy gave me this stuff call magic mouthwash. It's an Rx and it has stuff in there that numbs the irriitation,and it works. I don't swallow it just swish it around for a few minutes and in a couple of days you will feel much better. How this helped
    Be well
    gringa1 replied to heymiller's response:
    Hi Heymiller, I work for a periodontist and I've never heard of that one, but will look into it. I have Biotene at work which I tried once. I keep rinsing with listerine, I keep thinking I have bad breath, I brush my teeth and about 5-6 times a day.
    I don't like this world Terri, but I must adjust take it or leave it :(
    MIBeth responded:
    I've never thought about my swallowing problem being part of my Lupus. I am constantly choking on water, food, air,. etc. to the point where sometimes I can't breathe. Is this a symptom? and should I be concerned, as it is getting more troublesome?
    gringa1 replied to MIBeth's response:
    Hi MIBeth, I'm more concerned now than I was before, cause this last incident I was unable to swallow my water during lunch. Whats more bothersome is my dry mouth, anything I eat my tongue hurts and my pallet gets cut up very easily.
    What I also noticed is with this dry mouth it feels like I'm thrusting and I can actually feel pulsation from the pressure when I open my mouth and move my tongue around for moister, feels like sinus pressure. Today I'm having a bad day with it, my head, teeth, jaw, and neck is hurting, my don't feel like they are working. Joints on my hands hurt pretty bad too.
    winelover24018 replied to gringa1's response:
    Glad you like my name!, I love my Chardonnay. My Rheumy said a glass of Chardonnay would not hurt just do not overdue. Actually it makes me relax. Good luck

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