so confused right now :/
gringa1 posted:
Good afternoon ya'll. This past week has not been good for me, been having low grade fevers off and on missed work on Monday cause of that and felt like i was going to pass out. I called my rheumatologist for a refill on my plaquenil and she's on vacation, her front desk girl did not want to refill, she thinks it might be the plaquenil.
I've been on it now for 3 months and I really didn't feel any difference from before I was on it. Not being on it these past few days I have felt off, very tired and achy, unbalanced.
It feels like it's going to be a long weekend :(
Lupylisa44 responded:
Plaquenil can take months to start working. It is very important for you to keep taking it on a regular basis When you stop taking it, you can't just pick up right where you left off-you start back at square one. Call your rheumy's office ask to speak with the nurse and demand that they refill it for you!!! She has to have put a back up doctor to take emergency calls. Try contacting them. If she didn't then that is very irresponsible on her part. You really need to keep taking your plaquenil!~!!!

Good luck!

With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
gringa1 replied to Lupylisa44's response:
I have been calling with no luck, I will call again this morning. Thank you and enjoy your vacation.
Lupylisa44 replied to gringa1's response:
Try calling your pharmacy and see if they will give you enough to hold you over a few days 'til your doctor comes back.
With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.