dozzi posted:
I'm still waiting to hear if anyone suffers from pleurisy too with the lupus. Haven't recieved any feedback.
Lupylisa44 responded:
The board gets very slow in the summertime. There are a few members that have had it but I am not sure which ones. I have had pleurisy a couple of times and two pleural effusions. All went away after being treated with increased steroids. Pleurisy is common in people with lupus.

With love, with patience and with faith, we'll make our way.
renalupie1 responded:
I have had pleurisy a couple times.... Yes it seems to come with the lupus. Even us "lupus like" people. No one ever really wants to commit to that diagnosis with me. :(

Julendo replied to renalupie1's response:
I have UCTD and used to get pleurisy before I was diagnosed and started on plaquenil. I think it's pretty common for people with connective tissue diseases in general. Sorry you're going through that now, it really hurts.
dozzi replied to Lupylisa44's response:
Thank you for your reply, I have it still since the fall of 2010 don't see any ending with the pain Did try pred but didn't help just waiting for it to go away
dozzi replied to renalupie1's response:
Thank you still have the pain since fall 2010 waiting for it to go away
dozzi replied to Julendo's response:
Thank you have it since fall 2010 still waiting for it to go away
anowlin responded:
Inflammation of the lining of the lung, the pleura, is called pleuritis is the most common pulmonary complication of lupus.Symptoms of this include pleurisy (pleuritic chest pain) and shortness of breath. The pain is severe, especially when you inhale, like a stabbing.
dozzi replied to anowlin's response:
Yes it is very painful, but I don't see it ending yet. It has been 10 months constantly living with it.
allie_bf responded:
Yes, I've had multiple bouts with it. It can be very painful, and sometimes the milder cases (in terms of difficulty breathing/short of breath) are more painful than the more acute flares. I have fairly mild disease (i.e. can get by with NSAIDs and Plaquenil most of the time,) but the pleurisy is my main recurring problem. It always goes away with prednisone, in varying amounts and lengths of time, but I wish it would just stay away for a few years.
MIBeth replied to allie_bf's response:
I hear all of you! I get it quite often also. It's not only a pain in my chest but a pain in my butt too! I get more relief with a hot, wet towel than NSAIDS. I've tried prednisone, motrin, etc. with no relief. Once you get it, it seems like you start getting it more often. At times, can feel like a heart attack. One of these times, it may be and all I do is get a wet towel for it =)